New York Jets’ Coach Rex Ryan Gushes on Brandon Moore, Jeremy Kerley, Cryptic on Joe McKnight


Aug 3, 2013; Cortland, NY, USA; New York Jets wide receiver Jeremy Kerley (11) runs with the ball during training camp at SUNY Cortland. Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday, Rex Ryan spoke to the media as he does every day following practice. It was an interesting one, as he was his normal gushing self when talking about Brandon Moore’s retirement, and Jeremy Kerley’s play. However, he was very cryptic with one particular injury. Let me show you. First, Rex talking about former guard Brandon Moore:

I just found out, Brandon Moore is retiring. He went to Dallas, but he decided retire. A couple thoughts on him: what a tremendous player obviously, that jumps out at me. As a coach coming in there and I’m like ‘ok, let’s see who we have? We’ve got Alan Faneca at one guard and then Brandon Moore.’ I remember (going against) Brandon. I knew (he was) a big, strong (player). But, what a tremendous player, absolutely, a tremendous player. A great person. He was just a great teammate. A guy that was important to me and really being a first-time NFL head coach, I leaned on him some. He was absolutely tremendous. I guess you can’t play this game forever. But, I certainly appreciate his time that he had with us for sure.

Here is what coach had to say about Kerley:

Well, I mean obviously he played really well for us last year. (He) arguably might have had the best year of all those guys. (But) the thing that I’ve been really impressed with is his punt returning. It’s not just ‘that’s part of the game that, what’s that have to do (with being) a receiver? Well, you better catch a ball back there. (And) we had a couple drops last year, so that’s something that clearly he’s worked on and done a tremendous job for us so I’ve really been impressed with that (and) his commitment. He has not dropped anything, he hasn’t come close so that’s been impressive to me. Obviously his route running, and that’s a little football player right there now. I mean whether he’s playing, running the option, whether he’s running an option route, all those types of thing this young man can do so I think he’s had a great training camp.

But why is Joe McKnight not practicing?

Again, with Joe, he’s got a head injury so I don’t know if he’s getting tested or what but I know he wasn’t able to practice today. I knew that was going to happen, but where specifically he’s at, I’m not sure.

It is interesting to note this, as we usually learn a lot more about injuries. But for some reason, Rex is not saying, or is not being told, whether or not Joe has a concussion. When pressed about what the trainer told him, he said:

Well, I think he might have said something else about him but, no, that’s about it. Guys, I’m not Bill Belichick ‘He’s got a body part and something’s wrong with it.’ I’m not trying to say he doesn’t (have a concussion). If I don’t know he’s got a concussion for sure, I don’t want to tell you he’s got a concussion and that’s not the case.

I love when Rex takes a shot at Belichick, but ironically, he is being very much like Belichick with the answer. Is he really not being told? It seems odd. The coach should know, should he not?

Can’t wait for the game tonight.