Under the Radar New York Jets who May Make a Big Impact This Season


Sapp is just one player who I think will be an under the radar impact player for the Jets this season.

1- OLB Ricky Sapp– I have been a big fan of Ricky Sapp since his collegiate days at the University of Clemson. I thought he and teammate Da’quan Bowers would make immediate an immediate impact once they got to the NFL. Although this turned out not to be the case, I think this is the year Sapp starts making some plays on the defensive side of the ball. So far during his career, Sapp has constantly been battling injuries that did not allow him to really show his true talent. Luckily for the Jets, it seems that Sapp is finally healthy and ready to make some plays. This offseason, the Jets moved former first round pick Quinton Coples to OLB, and picked up former SD Charger Antwan Barnes. Rex Ryan must love his options when it comes to rushing the passer. I truly believe Sapp will be a pleasant surprise for Rex Ryan and Gang Green this season with his quickness and natural ability to get pressure on the quarterback.

2. FB Tommy Bohanon– I know it may be hard to get excited about a 7th round draft pick, but I was very happy the Jets took a potential starter with that pick. Lex Hilliard was a nice fill in last season, but I think it is time for the Jets to move on at the FB position. With the QB situation still up in the air, it is important that the running game is intact. A running back can only be so good without a good fullback. While T-Bo is solid in the run game, the part that I love about his game is his ability to catch out of the backfield. With Marty Mornhinweg implementing the West Coast Offense, having a fullback and running back is vital. By week one, I expect Bohanon to have locked up the starting FB position.

3. WR- Clyde Gates– If there was an MVP award for the first 4 days of training camp, Clyde Gates would have won without any questions being asked. Through the first 4 practices, all beat writers and coaches have been raving about speedster Clyde Gates. Last season, Gates had a respectable season, but it was obvious he had a lot of work to do. One thing he needed to work on was his route running, and so far it seems Gates has really improved. Gates is a fast receiver with good hands who can certainly make an impact this season for the New York Jets. With the Jets lacking weapons on the offensive side of the ball, they can only hope that Clyde Gates continues to impress.

These are just some of the Jets who I would not be shocked to see make a big impact on the field this year. Some other guys who I think may surprise are Darrin Walls, John Griffin, Rontez Miles, and Zach Rogers. Who do you think some good “sleeper” players are?