Which WR Will Step Up and Become a Playmaker on Offense For the New York Jets?


Santonio  Holmes

With Santonio Holmes status up in the air for week 1, the Jets are in serious need of a playmaker or two. Laurent Robinson and Austin Collie are visiting the Jets on a tryout basis, but even with Robinson/Collie in the picture, do the Jets have enough fire power for Mark or Geno? The answer is yes. But before we get into the other receivers just know this: if Holmes eases himself back and is healthy by week 3-4, the Jets will be a MUCH better offense.

Jeremy Kerley

I’ve said it before… Jeremy Kerley is a star in the making. I was thrilled to see the Jets get him in the 5th round, after missing out on Denarius Moore. But if you miss on drafting Moore, Kerley isn’t a bad fallback option. Kerley has game-changing talent, and we’ve seen him make a few incredible catches in his 2 years as a Jet.

The only problem is, Kerley is not a #1 receiver. This is not a knock on Kerley. I believe he has the potential to be the best slot receiver in the game. But if he’s getting double teamed, who’s the next man up?

Stephen Hill.

Stephen Hill

Yes, Stephen Hill struggled as a rookie. But he had to adjust just as much, if not more than anyone else coming into the league. Everybody knows his history, playing at Georgia Tech in a triple spread offense. He showed a glimpse of greatness during week 1 of 2012, but had a hard time holding onto the ball for the remainder of the season. Let’s just say he gets new gloves (or sticky glue like Hanon from Little Giants) for the sake of the argument. This is a talented football player with great size. Hill has great speed as well, and if healthy, he can be an excellent deep threat for either Mark or Geno. It’s a big if, but if Hill can catch the football and hold onto it, he will have a breakout year in 2013.

Jordan White

Here comes the under-dog. Some might disagree, but I don’t believe this offense (West Coast) could fit Jordan White any better. There’s a reason he led the Nation in catches and yards in 2011. Jordan White is a talented player who is limited to few opportunities. Last year I had a chance to watch him practice in Cortland, during the Jets training camp. It’s very hard to overlook White, as he’s making catches left and right. You’ll often see him returning punts in camp, as well.

Anyway, the point is that this is Jordan’s year to shine. The Jets are without Santonio Holmes, and continuously searching for WR’s to step up. I believe Jordan will get his shot this year in camp,  display his old record-setting self, and ultimately secure himself a roster spot.

It’s always easier said than done, but let’s see how the WR battle plays out im camp.

Here’s a couple of others to keep an eye on in Cortland:

Ben Obomanu

Clyde Gates

Zach Rodgers

(Braylon Edwards anybody??)

Thanks for reading!