Five Reasons to be Excited About the 2013 New York Jets: #1


Jun 11, 2013; Florham Park, NJ, USA; New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan during the New York Jets minicamp session at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

We almost made it! The team heads up to Cortland as a full group tomorrow, open practices begin on Friday! Friday! Football is here, and not a moment too soon. Football time. There is nothing like it.

Let’s finish up our list. Our list, if you haven’t been reading, is of five reasons to be excited about the 2013 season for the Jets. So far we have talked about:

Marty MornhinwegChris IvoryAntonio CromartieDefensive Line

Now to bring you the final reason to be excited about the 2013 New York Jets season……


Yes, I know I talked a bit about Rex in the opposite list, the five reasons to be concerned list.  If you don’t remember, the premise was that Rex did not have “his guys”, the guys he is loyal to.  It is a bit concerning, because he has to work without the guys he is loyal to for the first time.

But, there is reason to be pumped up for Rex as well.  Rex is doing it “his way”, once again.  I know the Jets got a lot of grief from the comments that Rex used to make.  It used to draw a big “X” on the team’s back, and made everyone want to beat them pretty badly.

Well, Rex toned it down last year, and the team toned down it’s play.  The defense was less aggressive, and it showed.  They were near the bottom of the league in run defense.  Is that characteristic of a Rex led defense?  I don’t think so.

Rex is starting to return to his old ways as 2013 has opened up.  Remember a while back?  He just happened to throw into what he was talking about, the fact that the Jets have more playoff wins than New England in his time as coach.  Bulletin board material?  Definitely.  Fighting words?  Absolutely.  I loved it.

Why did I love it?  Rex is being Rex.  The outspoken Rex is the guy we hired back in 2009.  He was outspoken for two years, and they went to the title game in two straight years.  A team takes on the personality of the head coach.  When the head coach was aggressive, the team was aggressive.  If Rex is brash, the team takes that attitude, and takes it to teams.

Rex is doing it his way in 2013.  Whether it helps him keep his job going forward, we won’t know until later on.  But I do know that it will make the team perform better.  And I am excited about it.