Are the New York Jets Too Cheap to Succeed?


A long time ago my boy Herm Edwards said this famous quote, “ You play to win the game!”. It was such a novel and radical idea that he repeated it several times to the media that couldn’t understand such a simple concept about a struggling franchise.

That being said, with so many people lauding John Idzik before the Jets have taken even one regular season snap, I have to ask. Who is going to score points on this team??? It feels to me that this team has been put together on home shopping network or with clearance players you’d find just before the checkout aisle at Costco. The Jets receivers are the equivalent of the Mets outfielders in MLB. Unlike the Mets though, the Jets have a little bit of cap room to sign a veteran receiver to help them out.

Last year the anemic passing game featured starting wide receivers of Jeremy Kerley and Jason Hill, Jeremy Kerley and Chaz Schillens, or Jeremy Kerley and Clyde Gates at certain times. This is of course following the foot injury of Holmes, knee injury to Hill, and groin injury to Keller. So can someone explain to me how this year is going to be any different with Holmes still on the shelf, Hill still returning from injury and a depth chart of Jeremy Kerley and castoffs?

I’m sorry but it can’t. What makes matters more irritating for me is that it doesn’t seem to be getting mentioned. Do the decision makers feel that Jordan White,

Zach Rogers, Ben Obomanu, or some other guy that is a practice squad player will make the jump to productive starting receiver? I am confused. Are we still playing to win the game?

The only thing I hear mention of is Chris Ivory who was hurt nearly half his college career and as recently as 2011 sat out 6 games. Do we expect him to make it through 16 games unharmed? Call me a pessimist, but I expect 12 games out of him. And if teams start to load the box to stop him, I don’t see any threats in Kellen Winslow’s shaky knees at tight end. This team needs a proven, stable, reliable wide receiver that can start and make catches. He doesn’t have to be a superstar, just a Hines Ward, Anquan Boldin steady catch machine.

If fans and media are going to criticize Mike Tannenbaum for putting together a cash eating team, all while saying Idzik his replacement has fixed the holes, I am going to say where is the commitment to putting together a team that can score points? To me scoring points equals winning, and this current roster has bottom 5 points scored written all over it. You can’t blame that on Sanchez either. You have to put that on Idzik, and the quality of the receivers themselves.

Currently the Jets kicked the tires on Mike Sims-Walker, but not on Steve Breaston, Braylon Edwards, Laurent Robinson, Austin Collie, or Brandon Lloyd. I’m calling it now in July. By the end of August, the Jets will be (or should be) desperately combing through the waiver wire for anyone with a reliable set of hands or Idzik will come under fire early on for knowingly not putting together a more competitive team.