The Best New York Jets in My Lifetime


Curtis Martin was one of the best running backs of all time

Now I know my buddies here at TJP have done something similar to this, but I thought it would be fun to do as well considering I was only born in 94. Even though that is not a very large time frame, some of the best New York Jets played from that time on. Just picking one guy as the best is never an easy thing, so I am sure there will be many disagreements on this one. I am looking forward to hearing your reactions. What I have decided to do is name my number one player at each position to ever play for the Jets from 1994-2013.

QB- Chad Pennington– While the best overall player to ever be a QB for the Jets can arguably be Brett Favre, I decided to go with Pennington since he had a much longer career for the Jets. While Pennington never had a very strong-arm, his smarts and intangibles made him a very reliable QB for years. One game that always sticks out to me when talking about Chad is the 2003 playoff game when the Jets demolished the Colts 41-0.

RB- Curtis Martin– The Jets have had some good running backs with names like Thomas Jones and Ladainian Tomlinson, but nobody was better than Curtis. Curtis ranks fourth in all time rush yards and 3rd in career rushing attempts. While Curtis was not a Jet his whole career, he is still viewed as the best Jets RB of all time.

FB- Tony Richardson– T-Rich had a very successful NFL career, and he did a very great job when he was a Jet. T-Rich was a Jet when the Jets made back to back AFC championship games. He was a prime reason why the Jets running game was so successful those years.

WR- Wayne Chrebet– While Wayne may have not been the best receiver when looking at statistics, in my opinion Chrebet deserves to be recognized as the best WR to wear the green and white from 94-13. Chrebet played with a sort of fearlessness that made him special. No catch was to hard for Wayne, as he would go all out for every ball coming his way. Unfortunately, Chrebet had to deal with numerous concussions due to his all-out style of play.

TE- Dustin Keller– This is tough because unfortunately the Jets have not had very good luck with tight ends. While Keller was a solid player here for the Jets, it is tough to put him at #1, but that is what I have to do. Keller was always a solid dump off option for the Jets. He finished his Jet career with a respectable 16 touchdowns. Keller is now a member of the Miami Dolphins.

OL- Kevin Mawae– I decided to just mark the offensive line as a whole ( LT, LG, C, RG, RT). In my lifetime the Jets have been blessed with two very strong centers in Kevin Mawae and Nick Mangold. I decided to go with Mawae over Mangold, but either one would be hard to argue with. Mawae was a rock on the Jets line for years.

DL- John Abraham– Just like the offensive line, I am labeling the defensive line as a whole. ( DE, DT, NT, NG). John Abraham is hard to argue against as the best defensive lineman from 1994-2013. Abraham has a career 122 sacks and 508 tackles in what has been a respectable career. Abraham seemed to be often injured when with the Jets, but he still had a respectable few seasons.

LB- Mo Lewis– Lewis was sort of an under the radar type player throughout his career for the Jets. Mo played for the Jets his whole career from 1991-2003. Mo was a 3 time pro bowl selection, a 2 time all pro selection, and a member of the New York Jets All-Time Four Decade Team.

CB- Darrelle Revis– At the end of Revis career, it is not out of the question that he will go down as the best cornerback to ever play in the NFL. Contract issues aside, on the field Revis week in and week out shut down the oppositions number one wide receiver. Revis won the overall best defensive player in 2009 and made numerous pro bowls.

S- Victor Green– Once again, in my lifetime the Jet have never had that one dominant safety. One name that came to mind to me was Victor Green. Green had a respectable career from 1993-2001. Green was a solid safety who flew under the radar in his time in Green and White. Green was elected to the New York Jets All-Time Four Decade Team.

I am sure that many of you have some disagreements in who you think the best player from 1994-2013. Leave your opinions in your comments, and as always, thanks for taking the time to read.