Rex Ryan on his Offensive Line, Kyle Wilson….Etc.


Jun 11, 2013; Florham Park, NJ, USA; New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan speaks to the media before the New York Jets minicamp session at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

You know that football is just around the corner when you hear from coach on an at least a weekly basis. And not to talk about past wins or the “process”. We need to hear him talk about the football team.

Well, with mandatory OTAs over, the new season is now “officially open”, per commissioner Goodell. With that, Rex is back at the microphone, talking about hour Jets. One topic of interest on many Jets’ fans lips is Kyle Wilson. How is he looking so far, coach?

Well, it looks good so far to me. Obviously, it’s quarterbacked by Nick Mangold in there, and we’ve all become accustomed to the type of player he is. I think he’s stepped up his leadership. Whether it’s now kind of being the elder statesman, I guess, him and (D’Brickashaw Ferguson) or whatever, I see that more from Nick right now. He’s really taken that. (He’s) always been a sharp guy. He’s going to have two new guards playing with him so that certainly will be a challenge. But you have two veterans with Willie Colon – (I’ve) really been impressed with Willie, same thing with (Stephen) Peterman. We’re flipping all those guards. (Brian) Winters as well, that we drafted. I’m expecting big things from this young man. So I feel pretty good about where we are with those guys. Sometimes there’s a comfort level. The offensive lineman immediately wants (to say), “I’m the right guard,” “I’m the left guard” or whatever, but we’re not there yet. It’s about the competition. The best two will be out there and we’ll see who that is. But do I see good competition there? I absolutely do.

Coach, is the offensive staff right, that Geno isn’t ready to start quite yet?

Well again, if we had to play tomorrow, I’d agree with that. But I think when we get out to training camp and we have that time, we’ll see if he’s ready or not ready. We’ll make that decision. But are there things that he’s working every day at? Absolutely. He came from a system that this is not a surprise. He came from a system that primarily was a shotgun system. His steps, dropbacks (and) his mechanics that way, footwork-wise, weren’t dialed in the way they’ll have to be at this level. I think some of that is your five and seven-step drops. They’re all new to him. Sometimes, you really can’t even notice them because when he’s on, the guy is absolutely terrific. We knew that it (was) not (going to be) an easy process, but it’s one that I have confidence that when we get to Cortland, I think when the thing goes, I think you’re going to see the guy keep improving and improving.

It really does seem that coach is on top of what is going on, even at this early stage. If Rex is aware. he can keep things under control.

Good signs, at least from my perspective.  If he can bring that defense back to life one more time, I firmly believe that coach Ryan will be just fine.  He certainly won’t be able to look back with regret.  And that, is the only way to work.