GUEST POST: Mike Francesa Talks “Da Jets” and “Da Circus”


Tonight we have a special treat for you, Jets fans. We all know Mike Francesa too well, and especially his prejudiced opinions about the New York Jets. Let’s just say this, those opinins are dime/dozen.

However, Mike will be heard, well read, right here in just a few minutes. We are in luck today too. The loudmouth has decided to share his viewpoits with, “us”,meaning h standard for near perfect. Loudmouth Mike is making his way up in the world again with his insults this time in essay form regarding our New York Jets.

Thankfully Mike is OK. So without futher adieu: I bring you:

“Da Jets and Da Circus”, by Mike Francesa.

From Da Studios of Dubayou FAN in NY, and simulcast over the country via the YES Netowrk, this is Mike’s ON, Francesa on the Fan. Today, thanks to Mistuah Alan, we come to you from diss blog, called “Da Jet Press”. Can you imagine deese blogs? All de doo is write about one team, and in dis case, that one team is, and still is DA CIRCUS. Why will it always be da circus? Because Francesa SAYS SO! I, THE BIG TUNA. Let’s take a look at da team this offseason.

Look at Da New Gm, John Idzik. What a joke! We awl know dat dis is still Rex’s team. Rex still calls da shots. I don’t care that Idzik said the buck would stop with him. That doesn’t fit with da circus mentality, so that idea is gone. Rex runs things in New Yawk. Not like the Giants, with the great Jerry Reese and Tom Coughlin. I still have pictahs of them in my office. So I can look at dem and tell dem how great dey are. How much better than da circus?

Now in da draft, it is clearly a circus. They aren’t choosing any guys that will give away an of da secrets! Instead we have Chris Ivory, over 5 yawds pa carry, not good. The Jets needed a guy like Amad Bradshaw, now dat guy is good. BUT bringing Geno indo dis mess is a recipe for disasta.

And da playas? Dey aren’t…any….good. The running game has changed over. The Goodson acuqistion if available and Ivory plays up to pah, the running game will begin to return to form. But it will contue to hosting “da Circus”. So, dey need a quataback and dey don’t have one. Sanchez is all but done in New Yawk, and we don’t know about de otha candidates. Meaning Sanchez will be da starta, and it will get ugly at MetLife. Count on it!

By the way, the post was a joke. Obviously Francesa is not talking to any one on the local beat, so I thought it would be fun to write about what Mike WOULD have said lately. Enjoy.