Dustin Keller’s Comments Bring Interesting Perspective Regarding the New York Jets


Dec 2, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets tight end Dustin Keller (81) runs with the ball while being chased by Arizona Cardinals inside linebacker Daryl Washington (58) during the first half at Metlife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes it takes a recent player scorned to give the best take on what is going on. This may be what is going on here.

We know the recent past, and specifically, the comments made by players recently through the Jets’ organization. Whether it’s Kris Jenkins, or more recently LaDainian Tomlinson, all they seem to do is attack their former team. It’s an ironic move, especially by Jenkins. Why? Because his comments were made while working for the team! SNY is the Jets station. So, the Jets give a retired player a job, and all he does is bash them. Interesting.

It’s a similar situation for Tomlinson, although he never worked for the team. What were the Jets guilty of, in Tomlinson’s case? Giving him a second chance to resurrect his career, and make a run at a title while doing it. Wow, the Jets were real SOB’s to Tomlinson, weren’t they?

So what does LDT do? He finds a microphone, and uses every chance he could get to knock down his old team. Seems like a responsible idea. Maybe that is why most Jets fans are sick and tired of listening to him speak. And by the way, he is not LT. I am a Jets fan, but there is still only one LT in New York, and there always will be. His name is Lawrence Taylor. I just needed to throw that out there.

Now in walks Dustin Keller. Now, mind you, Keller is still in the league, with the rival Dolphins. When asked about his time with the Jets, Dustin offered this regarding the media:

“There’s always some type of nonsense going on. When you’re in the New York media, you don’t say that you’re used to all of that; there’s always going to be distractions,” he said. “But this is really more so than anywhere else. You’re really talking about a team — we didn’t even go to the playoffs the year before — and it seemed like we’re in the media more than anyone else, and for the wrong reasons. You never want that.

The fact that Keller is still in the league is an important point not to overlook. We saw last year that Dustin wanted to be here. All through the preseason, Keller wanted to open negotiations, pretty badly as it seemed. It’s understandable, all Dustin Keller knew as a professional football player was the New York Jets, and he wanted to keep it that way.

But the Jets weren’t interested. Instead, they stalled, stalled, and stalled, and eventually Keller walked. My point? Keller had every reason, at least in his own head, to bash his former team. Look at the circumstantial evidence, it would seem almost understandable that he would be annoyed.

But instead, Keller talked about what the rest of us fans see, the real reason for the circus. The media. Keller brought that out. Why? Are the other guys blind? Are they dumb? Nope. The priorities are different. Guys like Tomlinson care about their wallets. Guys like Keller understand honest evaluation, and what REALLY goes on behind closed doors.

Maybe Keller could work in our front office. He seems to have the same tolerance for “nonsense” as John Idzik.