A Free Agent Wide Receiver for the New York Jets Not Named Braylon Edwards


Dec 30, 2012; Orchard Park, NY, USA; New York Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards (17) during the game against the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Bills beat the Jets 28-9. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

I come to you today with this suggestion for the Jets with a working assumption in the brain. That assumption is that Braylon Edwards is not in the plans for the New York Jets. It’s disappointing but not all that surprising. At least for this year, John Idzik’s philosophy doesn’t call for it.

There are two elements to the business that Idzik seems to rebel against, passing out the big money deal, and familiar faces. Braylon has officially been out of a contract for months now. The Jets WR position has not vastly improved since then. Why not bring in Braylon? Apparently John Idzik disagrees. This must be the reason for no Edwards.

What about Brandon Lloyd? He is fresh off his years with New England, so not only is he talented but he is familiar with the inner sanctum in New England. He would be a veteran influence on the team, and would bring the group a heightened level as well. So why not? He will cost too much. And Idzik needs to stay with the program for year one.

So, I went through the available free agent wide receivers, and I have one for you. He is 28 years old, and is just a hair smaller than Braylon. There is interest from the team as he has been worked out by the Jets. This receiver’s name is Derek Hagan:

Hagan is 28 years old, stands at 6’2″, and weighs 210 pounds.

Here are his career stats to date:

I couldn’t find much video on Hagan, but here is a clip of a TD catch against the Saints:

It’s hard to get a lot out of 30 seconds, but I’ll give you a little bit. He can make a guy miss, which is essential in the WCO. He is at an excellent size standing at 6’2″. He has breakaway speed, meaning he can leave a guy frozen in his tracks when he makes his move. I just hope he doesn’t catch the ball too much with his body, because the TD looks like it was. You have heard me say it before, if you catch the ball with your body, it will lead to dropped passes. Again, the tape only has one clip, that might not be a habit of his.

Hagan has never posted more receptions than 29 in a season. Given the chance to play, he certainly has the ability to put up bigger years. Will he make this team? Too early to tell, but he will certainly get his shot.