Geno Smith – A New York Jets Quick Pre-Camp Take


If you have listened to the overtones in Jets Nation since Geno was drafted then you’d probably believe the Jets just drafted chopped liver in the 2nd round of this past April’s draft.  Let’s be crystal clear here, Geno Smith is no chopped liver,  hell…..chopped liver is no “chopped liver” as I’ve had some very tasty chopped liver before………………………………………………………………….I digress.

It’s semi-Comical, the overanalyzing Geno Smith has received since becoming a Jet and one is left to the opinion that his becoming a Jet IS the only reason he is getting overanalyzed in the first place.

Think back, way back, “pre-draft” WAY back and I promise you the Geno rumblings that were tossed around were 80% positive with the 20% doubters left to squabble amongst one another about how “overrated” he was and so on…..  which is actually a fair debate to have considering how you want to look at him.  Actually you can have that debate about any player at NY time.  There were “overrated” grumblings about RG3 last season which at this point means absolutely nothing and essentially means it’s a matter of opinion but a good QB is a good QB is a good QB right?  Well yeah, unless the “good QB” is drafted by a team that everyone loves to hate for more than one reason right now.

Fact of the matter is; had Geno Smith been drafted by any other team than the NY Jets, he’d have been labeled a “steal” and a “hell of a prospect”  by everyone with a human vernacular.  Instead, immediately after his drafting we “discovered” that Geno was not only a “diva” but that he hates kittens and babies as well, everything positive he had done prior to the draft, the sappy pre-draft mini-documentaries that showed him to be a dedicated and humble leader were soon forgotten and replaced with the “reports” from the idiots that Geno was a “diva” and there’s a rumor going around that he threw a late night bitch fit party/Agent Firing Celebration in a hotel REPORTEDLY with Lindsay Lohan, Lawrence Taylor and Rick James all because he fell out of the first round and into the 2nd….

It’s simply madness personified and it’s so insanely comical that someone should probably get M Knight Shaymalan to make an unintentional comedy film about it.

Here’s what I know;

  – I know Geno is as a good a prospect if not better than Russell Wilson when he came out last year

 – I know Geno’s previous and new teammates have nothing but great things to say about his film study habits

-I know Geno’s 42 to 6 TD to int ratio last year was not only impressive but coupled with his 72.8% comp% it showed an uncanny ability to not only find the open man but to take care of the ball while not holding back on the rifle

-I do know Geno though not as athletic as running QBs like RG3 and Cam Newton, he’s very athletic and has the ability to extend plays, escape pressure while maintaining composure and throwing with pin point accuracy on the run, things that you cant teach but only hope to coach a young QBs

-I know Geno finds the open man and he doesn’t need tall WRs to  aid in this ability. Geno made Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey look much better than they actually were and they have an avg height of 5’8, a skill that will undoubtedly come in handy now that Geno will eventually be throwing to Jets talented WR Jeremy Kerley who is a bit vertically challenged as well.


Geno will soon get a legit chance to show what he can do for this Jets team and let’s try to not act surprise when Geno gives this Jets team and fan base something official to cheer about.  He’s immensely talented and has the necessary skills and attributes to excel within the West Coast offense. H e has the arm strength and the accuracy to give his offense and essentially his team a chance to win week in and week out, he has the composure and maturity to do for his team what Russell Wilson, RG3 and Andrew Luck did for their respective teams if and when he’s given a chance to do so.

Jets fans should be very happy to have Geno on their team and soon, very soon, Geno will show why the excitement and happiness will be justified.

Dont believe me just watch!