NEW COLUMN: New York Jets: J-E-T Press Commenters of the Week


December 12, 2011; Oakland, CA, USA; Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry (30) types on the computer for Twitter during media day at the Golden State Warriors Practice Facility. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Monday, New York Jets fans. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.

This morning, we are bringing you a new weekly column at the J-E-T Press, and this column involved you guys. For weeks we have been encouraging all of you to leave comments at the end of our articles, and discuss your thoughts with us. We respond to them all, giving you a chance to reach out to your bloggers here and have a connection.

Well, starting this week, we are going to run a “Commenters of the Week” article. How does it work? Simple, we will choose three or four examples to showcase your most pithy thoughts. We will link up to the article commented about, and your comments will be featured. I hope you enjoy. Now, let’s get to it:

In response to “What if Mark Sanchez Performs Well for the New York Jets?”

Dustin Schrank • 6 days ago −what about his average fumbles? its around 10.3… no way he throws 25 + TDs….but if he got hit by lightning and magicaly went from 32nd(31 teams) ranked qb in league to the first well most would argue for an extension but im a person that looks at the total body of work 68 TD 69 Ints 43 fumbles this is not a winning formula I dont think he was ever an average QB let alone an elite pro bowl caliber one and he never will be but if he is for one season get the most you can for him and let us forget this nightmare we call sancheeeez…..I know I shouldn’t even have commented.

In response to “New York Jets: The Geno Smith Project Vol. II

Bennny K > TheJetPress • 3 days ago −Crazy to think this is the first real OC the Jets have had since Charlie Weiss. I hope the Jets excel beyond expectations this year so we can keep our coaches. I really feel like MM can be a major step ahead of what we expect every year and we all know Rex is excellent with the D.

In response to “Five Reasons that Mark Sanchez will Start at QB Week One for the New York Jets

Joe Willie • a day agoAlan I know its a slow week but give it up—the more Marty sees of Mark Sanchez -the more he will hate him—you don’t plant a potato and grow an Onion–Geno is 10 x the passer Mark will ever be- look at Geno’s college tape from the last 2 yrs–I have and its not even close when u compare –Sanchez doesn’t have experience -he has post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) — Rex’s choice? why would he trust Sanchez after the last 2 yrs–50 turnovers???-ur seeing something most dont pal, –Alan you do write well however I wish I could ?

In response to “Can Geno Smith Start Week 1 for the New York Jets? It Will be a Tale of Two Philosophies

Korwil • 4 days ago −In my opinion, I still think the best looking QB during all team drills, practices, camps, and even into the preseason will win the job. I think if you have a neck and neck race though I would guess they would play Geno.I’ve never played QB, but I would imagine the transition from shotgun spread to WCO would be difficult. Geno certainly has the talent, the arm, and the athleticism, but I hope the learning curve for him isn’t too steep.

Thanks to all of our commenters this week. Keep them coming, you may find yourself featured in our Monday morning article next week.