A Brief Analysis of the New York Jets 2013 NFL Draft Class-Part II


Sean is back with the second part of his analysis on the 2013 Draft Class. If you missed it, check out Part I by clicking here.

John Idzik began adding offensive line depth when he added Brian Winters from Kent State.

3rd Round 72nd overall (Assigned): Brian Winters, OL, Kent State

One of the biggest question marks going into the draft for the Jets was the status of the O-line. At this point the Jets have question marks at pretty much every position outside of Left Tackle and Center and will probably hold a fierce camp competition at the other questionable Guard and Right Tackle positions.  Brian Winters should be expected to not only compete for a position but no one should be surprised to see Winters coming out on top of a competition in camp. Winters is a highly versatile O-lineman that I had slated as a 2nd rounder and possibly going to the Steelers or Cowboys in that round but he managed to slip into the 3rd round and onto the Jets roster. Winters is very athletic and is touted as being highly versatile with the ability to slide inside and out.  Seeing as though the Jets have questions at both Guard spots and possibly Right Tackle, I’d say Winters attributes will certainly give him the edge over other potential Jets starting O-linemen!

5th Round 141st (Assigned): Oday Aboushi, OL, UVA

The Jets continued to add line depth with Oday Aboushi.

Staying with the O-lineman theme here (not that I’m complaining considering the Jets can certainly stand to beef up the O-line), the Jets utilized their 5th round pick on University of Virginia offensive tackle Oday Aboushi who is a long, athletic player with very good pass blocking skills. Once Aboushi adds a little more strength, he has terrific potential as a Tackle at the next level. Like Winters and Campbell, Aboushi will be given a chance to show what he has to compete for a spot on a Jets O-line that has some opportunistic openings at this moment.Aboushi is very good at getting off at the snap. His footwork is somewhat inconsistent but certainly solid against pass rushers who can use speed and power effectively.A solid zone blocker with good movement but not an overpowering player, Aboushi is certainly strong when keeping his feet active, has adequate strength, could afford to add more muscle and is essentially a project right now.  How fast he learns and how well he receives coaching will determine just how soon he is able to contribute if ever.

6th Round 178th (Assigned): William Campbell, DT, Michigan

Although Campbell was a successful defensive tackle at Michigan with 11 starts and two games with 10 tackles — he also played guard and may project better at that position in the NFL. The Jets definitely need help at the Guard position and this pick was the more intriguing of all of the Jets selection on draft day and that’s saying something!

Many scouts have said that the 6-5, 308-pound Campbell is best suited to play on the offensive line, a sentiment the Jets certainly agreed as they announced that they will officially list him as an offensive lineman. Campbell played guard the second half of his sophomore season. He had three private workouts leading up to the draft, with two of the teams, including the Jets, looking to see him on the offensive line. Hard to project where he’ll end up or what he’ll bring to the competition but I know for a FACT he can’t be any worse than Vlad Ducasse, can he?

7th Round 215th (Assigned): Tommy Bohanon, FB, Wake Forest

The Jet’s running game was already upgraded by the time Tommy Bohanon was drafted with Mike Goodson and Chris Ivory being acquired by the Jets but boy does OC Marty Morninweg have to be licking his chops at the things he can do with Bohanon in the backfield. Yes Bohanon is a FB and yes FBs are rarely utilized any more in the NFL today but Bohanon isn’t just a Fullback, he’s a very talented runner with excellent receiving skills and happens to be very strong. There’s seemingly no reason why you don’t start him immediately and put him in front of Ivory to help open the way for the Jets recently acquired RB from the Saints. Ivory is already a very very talented RB but with Bohanon paving the way he should find himself gaining quite a few yards in his first season as a Jet.Bohanon will be critical on 3rd down conversions as he has great vision while carrying the ball, can be elusive when he needs to be but in standard Fullbacking fashion, he’d rather run over defenders. Bohanon’s position may seem like an un-important one but on this Jets team and in this Jets offense we’ll see a lot of Bohanon and we should probably get used to the name. The guy will grab JetNation by doing both dirty and pretty work and I’m certain he wouldn’t have it any other way.