New York Jets Fans React to the 2013 NFL Draft Class


The NFL draft is history, ladies and gentlemen. It was a big weekend for John Idzik, Rex Ryan and company, so it seemed prudent to come in with a new edition of “Tweet-Speak”. You know how it works, we give you the topic, you send us the tweets, and we put you into an article right here at the JET Press.

Apr 26, 2013; Florham Park, NJ, USA; New York Jets first round selection defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson answers questions during a press conference at the New York Jets Training Facility. Mandatory Credit: Jim O

The topic is of course, the 2013 NFL draft class. I have spent a great deal of the weekend giving you my opinion, and Sean Durham will be along with his opinion on Monday. Now, it is time to hear from the fan base. What do you guys think of the draft class? Let’s see.

@thejetpress I thought a great job addressing some issues. I am on board will all picks but our round two pick, I say great job.

— Tyler Moore (@Tyler_M_Sports) April 27, 2013

Nice to know that I am not the only one not in love with the choice of Geno Smith. I was wondering if I was alone on that ledge for a while. Geno is just not as NFL ready as he should be, so I can’t bring myself around on that pick either. Thanks Tyler.

@thejetpress Idzik’s motto is competition, and that’s just what he delivered with this draft. Knew we wouldn’t address everything.

— Hans (@ItsOasus) April 27, 2013

Good thoughts, Hans. He definitely delivered competition in multiple spots on this roster. If competition improves the team as much as he thinks it will, the team will get better, and FAST.

@thejetpress Needs at OLB, S, WR and TE all went unaddressed in the draft. But it’s at least a two year rebuild. A solid B draft.

— Derek Murphy (@delzer) April 27, 2013

Interesting assessment, taking into account the positions that weren’t addressed, but looking at a larger, two-year scale. I hadn’t thought about it like that yet. It’s hard enough to evaluate a draft right away, then add to it that the rebuild might take two years. It’s an interesting thought, thanks Derek.

@thejetpress skeptical at first, but looking back I love it! Got a quality player with every pick (including Ivory). Can’t rebuild in 1 year

— Shawn Bennett (@shawn_bennett23) April 27, 2013

@thejetpress it will take a few years but it will happen. Fans need to stay patient and trust Idzik, he’s a genius

— Shawn Bennett (@shawn_bennett23) April 27, 2013

Sometimes, it takes more than 140 characters to say what you have to say. Thanks for the thoughts Shawn. Good points about staying patient. I’m not sure if I am ready to call Idzik a genius yet, but that might come soon.

@thejetpress we filled holes this draft with some playmakers. its obvious they also focused on protecting the quarterback. whoever it may be

— Henry™(@HogBoss0197) April 27, 2013

Nothing wrong there, Henry…thanks!

@thejetpress games are won on the field, not in the draft. But this could be a great class

— Guba (@scubsmcgubs99) April 27, 2013

Nothing to argue with that.

@thejetpress seems like a decent draft (only disliked the 6th rounder), but feel it was a mistake not to grab a safety or tight end.

— Jake Dawson (@newjakecity1) April 27, 2013

Very true. I too, wish they had gotten a safety and/or a tight end. They did address it with the UDFAs, but we are taking the draft class in a vacuum. Thanks Jake.

@thejetpress @nyjets B. it’s not terrible, really we have 3 top 10 (projected) guys. Solid lines on O & D. Would’ve liked a S and TE

— Paul Quin (@Qu1ny) April 27, 2013

Similar thoughts there, all fair. Thanks.

@thejetpress need a CB & RB got them. O&D line help? maybe?Need a QB that can get himself out of trouble when everything fails GOT 1! #jets

— burger_myster (@burger_myster) April 27, 2013

Thanks to everyone for chiming in. Generally, the response to the group is favorable. People aren’t thrilled about the lack of playmakers chosen, but other than that, it seems like John Idzik is being given the benefit of the doubt on his first draft.

Jets fans have spoken.