Consensus Mock Draft: The New York Jets Select……………..


Where do the experts see the top prospects going in this year’s NFL draft?

This morning, we are going to look at a different mock draft.

Normally, when we say “Mock Draft”, we are looking at a particular expert’s opinion on the draft. They give us a slate of picks, and their own rationale for those picks. But, what do the experts think, collectively?

Mike Tanier from Sports on Earth was curious to find this out.  He came up with a “Consensus Mock Draft”, where he took 16 mock drafts from ESPN, USA Today, ..etc., and placed the player with the team that the majority chose.  Unless of course, that player was off the board, then he went to the second choice.  If the consensus ended with a tie, Mike added his vote.

So, instead of his own choices, majority rules for this mock draft.  So, who does this majority choose for the New York Jets”

BARKEVIOUS MINGO, OLB, LSU (38% of the vote) Runners Up: Jarvis Jones 25%, Ziggy Ansah 13%

Every expert had the Jets selecting a defensive front seven player, which is downright suspicious. This is a team so desperate on offense that it had a hard time convincing offensive free agents to listen to its pitch. Even if we assume that the Jets opt out of the quarterback market (which may have loosened up a bit with all the Kolb-Palmer rigmarole), wide receiver is a five-alarm need, and right tackle could use an upgrade in a draft teeming with tackles. The chorus appears to have the Jets shrugging their offensive shoulders and addressing defense, which is roughly what the team has done for the past few drafts, so maybe my colleagues are on to something. And no one wants to check their email after projecting the Jets to select another USC quarterback.

This shouldn’t come as much surprise, as Mingo has been the choice in many of the mocks that we have profiled here. Here are some thoughts on Mingo from our lead draft scout, Sean Lester Durham.

And here is the profile of Mingo written by yours truly.

Basically, as Sean said, it will be hard to be upset if this is how the draft plays out.  Jordan is by far the favorite if he falls to number 9, but should he not, Mingo would be an excellent pick.  Personally I prefer Jarvis Jones, as I know Sean does as well.  Jarvis Jones is a scary pass rusher that it is hard to see not dominating in a Jets uniform.  But Mingo will be a terrific pro as well, and an excellent selection here.