Daniel Jeremiah Updated Mock Draft: The New York Jets Select………….


Most of the mock drafts are focusing on one side of the football for the New York Jets, and Daniel Jeremiah’s is no different.

This afternoon, we take a look at another mock draft, as we get closer to the big weekend in April.

Daniel Jeremiah is an analyst on NFL Network, and NFL.com, many of you have probably seen his work on one of, if not both of those mediums. He is also a former NFL scout, making him more than qualified to talk about the prospects coming up in the NFL draft.

His newest mock was released yesterday, and the interesting thing is how, as the draft gets closer, the mock drafts all start to fall in line, making similar, if not the same picks by the end. Earlier this week, we took a look at the draft from Bucky Brooks, as well as the mother-ship, Fansided.com and their mock draft.

Well, Daniel Jeremiah’s latest draft has fallen right into line with these guys, as he has the New York Jets selecting………….


The Jets need more pass rush, and Jones is the perfect player to provide it.

Check out Jeremiah’s entire draft by clicking here

We have talked a lot about this guy in recent days, so we won’t rehash too much.  However, this guy is so physically talented, we don’t want to forget about this guy either.

Here is his tape once again, just to sit back and admire:

Jarvis Jones has all the talent in the world. He came into his own over the last two seasons, after coming over from USC. In 2011, Jarvis amassed 70 tackles, and 13.5 sacks. He followed that up with a senior season of 86 tackles and 14.5 sacks. He added 4 forced fumbles in 2012 and one interception.

I would love to see Jarvis Jones wearing the Green and White this fall. How could you watch that tape and not imagine great things for the New York Jets defense? I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, Rex Ryan’s mouth is probably watering when he watches this young man play.

Cervical Spinal Stenosis, however, are three words that could derail Jarvis Jones’ career before it starts. We are not going to get too technical with medical information here, but a problem with the spine is not something you want to have when you make your living hitting people.

If Jarvis Jones is healthy, he could have a scary good career. If this health issue comes back to bite him, it could be all over before it starts, which is the only hesitation to making this pick.

If Jarvis is OK, go for it. Please Mr. Idzik…do it!