What Would Be a Fair Offer from Tampa Bay for Darrelle Revis?


We got such great responses from you guys for the previous article via Twitter, that I have decided to make it a weekly column, starting this week. It will be called “Tweet-Speak”, as shown in the graphic above. Each week, we are going to put a topic on Twitter, you guys and gals send us the Tweets, and we make it into an article….”Tweet-Speak”. Hope you enjoy.

Aug 26, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis (24) during the second half of their game against the Carolina Panthers at MetLife Stadium. The Panthers defeated the Jets 17-12. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Darrelle Revis is still firmly entrenched in the daily discussions of the New York Jets. Will he stay? Is he going to be traded? Where is he going to be traded? It’s talked about a lot in the media, and debated with merit amongst Jets fans.

Recently, we have heard that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have stepped forward as a favorite to acquire the services of Darrelle Revis from the Jets. Some reports say it’s “imminent”, some say they are working out the details, but the Bucs have been a constant theme of late as a team that is in the serious running.

So I took to Twitter and asked you fans, what trade offer would you feel comfortable with from the Bucs, to trade the services of Revis? Here are some of your responses, you will see there are very similar requests in a lot of the answers…here we go:

@thejetpress 2013 1st rounder, 2013 4th rounder, 2014 conditional 3rd round pick that could move to 2nd if he plays well/is healthy #Jets

— Joe Caporoso (@TurnOnTheJets) March 13, 2013

@thejetpress 1st rounder in 2013 or 2014, mid round pick in 2013, and 2nd rounder in year in which they don’t get the 1st rounder

— Ron Ferraro (@Ferraro41) March 13, 2013

@thejetpress 2013 2nd and 6th round picks, plus 2014 1st Rd. pick

— Jetserious (@JETSerious) March 13, 2013

It is hard to disagree with any of these thoughts. It would certainly take a creative trade involving multiple draft picks, some could be conditional, to make it happen.

@thejetpress 2013 1st & 3rd round picks and TB takes Sanchez & 60% of his Contract Hit.

— RonDog (@RonDogCO) March 13, 2013

I wanted to include RonDog because he had an interesting idea. He was the only one that responded, that wanted to include Mark in the deal, and the Bucs paying some of the freight. I don’t know how realistic that is, but it is certainly something to think about.

@thejetpress 2013 1st round pick, 2013 3rd round pick, Arrelious Benn, and a 2014 conditional 2nd rounder that can become a 1st.

— Disable (@Disable_MMi) March 13, 2013

@thejetpress 2013 1st, 2nd, 5th, 2014 conditional 3rd goes to 1st depending on how much playing time and/or performance

— Shawn Z(@ShawnZP715) March 13, 2013

If you didn’t include a real trade offer, I didn’t include your entry as I wanted to keep it to serious football talk. I found it interesting to read everyone, with their draft pick packages, and being remarkably similar. The bottom line I get, is that you guys are OK with the move, if the price is right.

We will do this again next week, when “Tweet-Speak” returns.