Jets Fans Speak Out Regarding Darrelle Revis’ Attitude


Aug 26, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis (24) during the second half of their game against the Carolina Panthers at MetLife Stadium. The Panthers defeated the Jets 17-12. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

As Darrelle Revis has progressed through his rehab, we have been hearing a lot from him, as we all know. We saw the interview he did on the NFL Network, where he basically called out the owner, and talked about how he “needed answers” like the movie “A Few Good Men” or something. More recently, is the interview where he talked about how awesome it would be to play for the 49ers, and how it doesn’t matter if he is a Jet for life.

You guys know how I feel by now. I am pretty sick of Darrelle’s attitude. The Jets don’t owe him a thing, other than the opportunity to play football until he is not on their roster anymore. But, I wanted to know how you guys feel about Darrelle. Does his attitude make you want him around less? I took to Twitter, and here are some of the answers I got back.

@thejetpress I think he’s an asset as a player, but a horrible team player.

— Steve Macinsky Jr. (@smacinskyjr) March 5, 2013

@thejetpress he reminds me of my ex wife. Nothing that you do or give is ever good enough. Where does this sense of entitlement come from? — Steve Macinsky Jr. (@smacinskyjr) March 5, 2013

I couldn’t agree more with Steve. Obviously he is great to have on the team, but the attitude just isn’t necessary.

@thejetpress his aattitude stinks. He treats game like business by holding out but shocked #jets do the same by exploring trade — Jason (@murse13) March 5, 2013

@thejetpress He needs to stop talking but does not make me want him less. Player of his caliber doesn’t come around often so we should keep. — Jeff Giordano (@jeffygio6) March 5, 2013

Very interesting, not EVERYBODY wants him gone because of his attitude.

@thejetpress Hate his attitude, he needs to put a sock in it..but I would like him back, or traded once he’s healthy so his value is back up — IL DUCE (@ILDUCEakaPDUBBZ) March 5, 2013

@thejetpress every time it comes close to the contrct time he has held out. He has all d talent in d world but his high horse is too high… — Jets-Mets-Knicks (@jetsCUQUITOmets) March 5, 2013

@thejetpress he’s quick to say the NFL is a business when he’s looking for more $ but then he’s confused when the Jets treat it that way?

— Keith Sansevere (@KeithSansevere) March 5, 2013

The Jets fans have spoken, and it’s very interesting. Everyone seems to be universally upset with him for his attitude, but people still want him around. Some felt like me, trade him while we can, but some want to keep him.

I just thought it was interesting how his play outweighs his attitude for some, but not for all, myself included.