John Idzik: Darrelle Revis is “A Great New York Jet”


Feb 21, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; New York Jets general manager John Idzik speaks at a press conference during the 2013 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

As the combine has gotten underway in Indianapolis, the topic of Darrelle Revis has been on the lips of the Jets media, and therefore the Jets hierarchy as well. John Idzik held his press conference from Indy, and most of the questions that he took were regarding the rehabbing star. Here is what John had to say when asked to clarify the team position on Darrelle:

Darrelle Revis is obviously a great football player. He’s a great New York Jet. He’s a tremendous asset to our football team and our organization. With respect to clarity, I don’t know that anything has really changed because we’ve always wanted Darrelle to be a part of our team. That has never changed. I think there have been rumors or stories published and it’s really hard for me or anybody in our organization to speculate and answer to all rumors or stories that we hear. With respect to Darrelle, we’ve always wanted him to be a part of the New York Jets. Our focus with Darrelle right now is to aid him in any way we can with his rehab so he returns to the player we all know he is. As such, he will be a tremendous asset to us.

However, he wouldn’t say an outright “no” when asked if the Jets will entertain trade offers for Revis:

Specifically (talking about) Darrelle, I don’t think it’s something that’s limited to one person. With me and my job and Rex (Ryan) and everybody involved, we will always field calls and always have internal discussions about how we can improve our team day-to-day, position-by-position. That’s an ongoing process. That’s not isolated to any one player or any one position. That’s just something that we do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, particularly at this time when you’re going into free agency and the draft. There are a lot of what-if’s if you will that we will be discussing internally.

When pressed further, he told the media he wouldn’t speculate on trades and contracts with the public, the absolute correct response. He shouldn’t outline his plan, because other teams will hear that. What do I take from all of this? Not a lot. They like Revis, but will entertain anything to improve the team.

As it should be. Nobody should be untouchable after a 6-10 season.