Super Bowl 2014: It Will Be OK


MetLife Stadium, the site of next year’s Super Bowl.

With tomorrow’s game being the last Super Bowl before one is played in New York, the talk has started up again about the idea of having a Super Bowl in a cold weather city. People are worried about the possibility of adverse conditions being present on Sunday. There is that possibility, the forecast for Sunday does hold out the possibility for light snow. The potential for there being weather at next year’s game is possible.

People have taken a hard line against the idea, Joe Flacco even calling the idea “retarded”. Yes, he retracted the statement, so I am not going to get on him for the word. But what he didn’t retract was his hard stance against the game. He is not the only one, as it has been a divisive issue. What I am going to tell Flacco, and the rest of the detractors is this:

Relax. It will be OK.

First of all, what’s the point of complaining? The decision has been made, and they aren’t going to change it. They are already working on the Super Bowl week events, and signing contracts with hotels. Arrangements are being made for concerts during the week. The stadium is already setting up crews to work the week of the game, and I have heard people already getting rooms near the stadium. These complaints are not going to do anything other than upset the person making them. Roger Goodell isn’t going to move the game because of Joe Flacco or anyone else.

Secondly, the economic boom for the tri-state area will not only be huge, it will be necessary. This area has been hit hard, as we all know, thanks to Superstorm Sandy. The money that will come in for the hotels, Broadway shows, restaurants, and everything else that can be done in the area will make a world of difference. For that reason alone, having the game in the area is a great idea.

Yes, there is a chance that there will be a storm on Super Bowl Sunday next year. Sure, can’t deny it. But that is what it is, a chance. This area knows how to remove snow, how to clear the roads. A light to moderate snowfall is not a big deal. The roads can be cleared, and mass transit is here. The fear is a major blizzard or storm. Are the chances really that great? How many really happen? Let’s be real here, it’s not that often.

Finally, we are not playing baseball here folks. It’s FOOTBALL. It’s made to be played in the elements. Peyton Manning won a Super Bowl in the rain, you didn’t hear him complaining. Why? That’s football. Why is the “Ice Bowl” so memorable? Because of the ICE! The elements. It’s OK to play a title game in the elements, but not the Super Bowl? It doesn’t make sense.

Relax all, the Super Bowl at MetLife will be just fine.