“Out the Door”, or “Back for More”, RB Edition


Dec 30, 2012; Orchard Park, NY, USA; New York Jets running back Shonn Greene (23) runs against the Buffalo Bills during the first half at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

As I said earlier this week, just because we don’t have a general manager yet, doesn’t mean that we can’t play general manager. We are going to look at each position on the team, and evaluate whether they should be “out the door” or “back for more” in 2013. Earlier this week, we looked at the quarterbacks, this morning we take a look at the running back position, starting with……

SHONN GREENE: Although it has been a quiet performance, Shonn Greene did finish the 2012 season with his second straight 1,000 yard performance. Yes, 1,000 yards for a running back is not what it used to be, but it still is worth noting that Shonn Greene has been fairly consistent over the last couple of years.

The thing about Shonn Greene is the WAY he gets it done. He can never dominate a game right from the start. In a game when the Jets are ahead, he can wear the other team down until he breaks off big chunks in the fourth quarter. But at the top, he doesn’t break off big yards, he just isn’t that type of running back. At best, he is a 1A type of back, a guy that works well with a complimentary back on the same team. Personally, I think that Shonn Greene is better than most think he is. However, he is an unrestricted free agent right now, and I don’t see the Jets bringing him back in 2013. Shonn Greene will be……….


BILAL POWELL: Bilal came on in his second season, with 110 carries for 437 yards on the ground. He was given a chance in the second half of the 2012 season, and performed admirably well as a complimentary back to Shonn Greene. He showed a great deal of burst off of the line of scrimmage, far better than Shonn Greene. He averaged four yards per carry, and averaged nearly 5 yards per carry in 2 out of the final 3 games of 2012. He’s younger and faster than Shonn Greene. It’s a pretty easy one here. Bilal Powell will be…..


JOE MCKNIGHT: Nobody on this Jets roster will benefit from a new offensive coordinator more than Joe McKnight. Forgetting what he does on special teams, he is explosive out of the backfield. On 30 carries, McKnight carried the ball to a 6 yard per carry average. When the Jets get this guy in space, he is about as dangerous as anybody on that roster. McKnight should, and will be ……………


We will be back reviewing the entire roster in the coming days.