Jets vs Bills: 5 Quick Hits



The slow, painful disaster of this 2012 New York Jets season is finally over. For second consectuive year the Jets will finish the season on a three game losing streak. After today there are sure to be significant changes in the coaching, front office and personell departments. Mike Tannenbaum is almost certainly gone, while it also an almost certainty that Tony Sparano will be replaced as offensive coordinator. Mark Sanchez has been dismal throughout the entire season, and big decisions will have to be made about his future with the Jets. The QB door could be wide open for the Jets to aquire a new signal caller through trade, draft or free agency. Hopefully a wrath of new changes and improved management in the front office can help us to quickly forget this dissapointing 2012 season.


Braylon Edwards may stick around. Edwards has played impressively throughout his short second stint with the New York Jets. While he was picked up only in a last ditch effort to improve the passing game, Edwards has showed improved hands and tough running after the catch. The Jets could easily sign Edwards for two years at minimal cost to help provide an established veteran to whoever is under center in 2013. Braylon still has the legs to be a legitimate deep threat and looks to have worked on his weaknesses to help his cause for sticking around in New York.


Antonio Cromartie was a dominant player after the loss of Derrelle Revis. While it was widely known that Cromartie has the physical ability to be an elite corner, his questionable tackling and lack of effort always seemed to stand out. That changed when Derrelle Revis was lost for the season and Cromartie was tapped a sbeing the shut down man to man corner in Rex Ryan’s defense. Cromartie elevated his play and lead the second ranked pass defense, locking down the opposing teams best reveiver with regularity. Cro also played more physical at the line of scrimage, playing more press coverage while cutting down on penalites. His tackling has also been improved over previous years where he has been criticized for a lack of effort. Hopefully for the Jets Revis can return 100% healthy next season and the Jets will be equiped with by far the most dynamic corner duo in the NFL.


Mark Sanchez has performed terrible in his 4th and most dissapointing NFL Season. Once looked at as an up and comming young quarterback Mark Sanchez has regressed to the point that its become painful to watch him operate the Jets offense. Leading the league in almost every turnover category over the last two seasons Sanchez has looked shaken in the pocket, consistently missing the intented passing window. Without starting caliber playmakers at receiver Sanchez’s weaknesses and poor decision making were even more glaring, while the mental aspect of the Tim Tebow circus may have also taken a toll. At this point it may be best for Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets to part ways, start over and explore new opportunities moving forward. The hurdle in all of this is the eight million dollar gaurenteed salary Sanchez will earn in 2013. It is likely that in a trade the Jets would eat a majority fo that salary, and that may be worse than simply cutting him and eating the cost. It’s a sad reality that the drafting of Mark Sanchez with the 5th pick did not workout, hopefully the Jets can figure out the best solution to move forward in 2013.


The Tim Tebow circus was a complete disaster. From his shirtless rain day frolicing in training camp, to unnamed sources ripping him and Tebow himself asking out of the Wildcat, this experiemnt has been a failure. The only thing that makes sense is that the Jets over estimated Tebow’s talent before trading for him. No one knows who was behind the Tebow trade, but its obvious the Jets substantial plans for the bruising quarterback never panned out. Maybe his throwing ability was worse than anticipated, or his feet slower than previous years but whatever it was Tebow had no meaninful impact on the Jets offense. The begining of the season saw Tebow getting a handful of touches per game, even lining up at slot receiver to have passes bounce off his helmit. Tebow will almost certainly be dealt to the Jacksonville Jaguars this offseason, and whether it is through trade or free agency the Jets will likely be without Tim Tebow in 2013.