Why Not Greg McElroy at Quarterback for the Jets?


Dec. 2, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets quarterback Greg McElroy (14) in his first huddle against the Arizona Cardinals during the second half at MetLife Stadium. Jets won 7-6. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Now that Mark Sanchez is out of the lineup, let’s look ahead. Greg McElroy has been named the starting quarterback, at least for this week, and presumably for next week as well. It does say all you need to know about what the team thinks about Tim Tebow, but that is not the focus. Let’s focus on Greg McElroy for a few minutes. There is a lot of talk about this two game audition he is likely to get. People are talking about that the Jets need a quarterback for the long term, and that this audition is for a spot as the number two. My question is why? I am not saying that Greg IS the long term answer, but why are we assuming that he is not? Why not Greg McElroy?

Greg McElroy had a terrific college career. Yes folks, I realize that Tim Tebow did as well. But, the Jets don’t consider him in their plans as the QB, so comparing the two is a moot point. They obvioulsy regard Greg McElroy harder, so Tim Tebow doesn’t fit into this equation. For his college career, McElroy recorded a completion percentage of 65.8 % and posted 39 TDs against only 10 INTs. In 2009, McElroy led his Alabama team to the national championship game, beating the Florida Gators in the conference title game, over some guy named Tim Tebow. McElroy was the MVP of the game, going 12-18 for 239 yards and a TD. He played poorly in the national championship game, but we learned that was because he broke 2 ribs in the game against Florida. He clearly has the toughness.

He has the intelligence to play QB as well. He graduated in only three years, and recorded a 3.85 GPA. He applied for a Rhodes scholarship. (sounds Chad-like to me) He recorded an unbelievably high score on the Wunderlic Test, with a 43-50. Playing QB takes a brain too.

He only has 7 attempts as a pro, but the offense had life. When was the last time the crowd at MetLife was buzzed like that for the Jets offense? It’s been a long time. If Woody Johnson wants to keep people coming out, there needs to be a buzz. Keeping with the same lackluster team is eventually going to cost this team, and this owner, revenue. A lot of people talk about the fact that he was a 7th round pick. So what? Tom Brady was a 6th round pick. That makes no difference at all, great players in this league have come from the mid-late rounds.

Give Greg McElroy a real shot here. He just might be the quarterback of the future.