Quick All-22 Film Review – Tennessee Titans


This week the Jets (6-7) try to keep their slim playoff hopes alive when they take on the Tennessee Titans (4-9) in a Monday Night Football matchup that ESPN probably wishes it had the power to flex to another game.  With the way these 2 teams have been playing offensively the past few weeks (outside of the running game from both teams respectively) this one is sure to be an eye sore of a football game come Monday night.  The Jets were able to pull out a win in Jacksonville last week in a game in which the Jets running game pretty much controlled the game in the 3rd and 4th quarters and the Jets defense pretty much played another week of excellent football.  The Titans on the other hand, lost their 3rd game in a row when they fell to the Colts last week 27-23 a game in which Colts rookie phenom Andrew Luck didn’t actually play his best game.  The Titans were unable to capitalize off Luck’s off day because their own QB Jake Locker couldn’t seem to get out of HIS own way as well.

Titans QB Jake Locker will be facing a much improved Jets defense and pass rush this week.

This week the Jets will be facing an opponent in the Titans that clearly loves to run the football with their stud RB Chris Johnson and a team that isn’t shy about playing respectable defense for the most part.  The Titans are a team with a lot of promising skilled players but just cant seem to put it together.  The Jets of course wont be taking them lightly this week and neither will I.

The Titans showed last week vs the Colts that they are more than capable of scoring the football as they score a TD on the opening possession of the game.  It was a 9 play, 80 yard drive that took all of 4 minutes and 50 seconds to complete a drive that illustrated the potential this Titans team has when it can get out of its own way and play smart, effective football.  I quickly want to illustrate the drive utilizing the All-22 Film and highlight the most important plays on the drive to illustrate exactly what the Jets will be up against this Monday night.

1st and 10 at the Titans 20 yard line;

~~~~~~~>   ~~~~~~>    ~~~~~~~>

Titans come out in a 2 WR/ 3 RB set to start the game, which is designed to give Locker more check down options and more adequate/max protect when rolling out to better utilize his abilities, something that he in fact does as you can see in the next play.

 ~~~~~~>  ~~~~~~~~> ~~~~~~~~>

Locker rolls out to his right and immediately and accurately hits WR Kenny Britt who ran what looks to be a 10 yard out route towards the sideline.  Locker makes a perfect throw where only Britt can catch it in which Britt does for 9 yards Britt just simply ran an out and took advantage of Colts CB Cassius Vaughn’s inability to stick with him stride for stride, something Jets CB Antonio Cromartie may have better success with.

{After 2 plays for a total of 4 yards}

2nd and 8 at Titans 33 yard line

~~~~~~>      ~~~~~~~~>  ~~~~~~~~~>

Titans come out in a 2 WR/ 2 RB set, which again probably means some type of rollout by design play that will maximize protection to allow Locker to utilize his mobility to either stand in the pocket and make a high % throw or for him to use his feet to gain yards

~~~~~>      ~~~~~~~~>      ~~~~~~~~~~>

As I eluded to previously, the pre-snap formation the Titans were in looked a formation designed to help maximize Locker’s abilities and sure enough it was.  Locker rolls out to his right but this time Britt is covered well which forces Locker to make a decision.

 ~~~~~~~~>   ~~~~~~~~>   ~~~~~~~~~~~~>

Locker’s decision was to take advantage of his mobility, tuck and run while making a fool of the defender in the process.  This scramble resulted in a 32 yard gain. This is something Jets LBs will have to be cognizant of and considering the Jets LB are extremely slow, Locker may find himself with opportunities like this more often than not.

{After a 3 yard run by Chris Johnson}

2nd and 7 at Colts 32

~~~~~~~>        ~~~~~~~~>       ~~~~~~~~~>

Titans come out in a 2 WR/3 RB formation.  This is a formation that the Titans tend to utilize a lot and it seems as if its something that Locker is probably most comfortable operating out of.  So far, every time Locker/Titans have operated out of this formation, its been for a rollout for a high % pass or to utilize his mobility to potentially pick up yards on the ground.

 ~~~~~~~>   ~~~~~~~~>    ~~~~~~~~~>

Sure enough, Locker rolls out to his right……AGAIN and hits Britt……AGAIN…..who simply ran another 10 yard out route…..AGAIN. Locker once again hits him in stride accurately and places the pass the only place where Britt can make the catch.  The catch once again goes for 10 yards.  If I can recognize what the Titans will be doing out of this formation then so should the Jets be able to.

{After a 10 yard holding penalty}

~~~~~~> ~~~~~~~~~~> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~>

1st and 20 at Colts 32 yard line

Titans come out in Shotgun formation in a  4 WR set with one lone RB in the backfield.  Locker has made some pretty accurate throws on this drive so his offensive coordinator is feeling the hot hand and wants to take advantage of the rhythm Locker is in right now so he places him in a likely passing situation to see if he can hit the open man.  Jets need to prepare themselves for Locker being unafraid of their defense and testing them. More specifically, testing the weakest link in Kyle Wilson who I believe will be matched up on Kendall Wright for the most part.

~~~~~~~>  ~~~~~~~~> ~~~~~~~~>

When Locker is in the pocket on this play, look at how comfortable he looks in this pocket.  I don’t care who you but if given this type of comfort in the pocket, any capable QB should be able to at least allow his WR time to potentially get open, which is what Locker did on this play as he allowed Kendall Wright to get open over the middle…….

~~~~~~~~~>     ~~~~~~~~~~~>    ~~~~~~~~~>

Locker gets more than enough time on this play and in this pocket to allow Kendall Wright, who is very fast, enough time to gain a bit of separation from his defender across the middle where Locker hits him in stride as you can see for the easy 8 yard pickup.  Jets CB Kyle Wilson struggles mightily with WRs that are speedy and if he’s defending Kendall Wright, then Wright will probably see plenty of targets.

{After a 6 yard screen from Chris Johnson}

3rd and 6 at Colts 18 yard line

~~~~~~~>       ~~~~~~~~~~~>      ~~~~~~~~~~~~>

The Colts come out in the same formation they used just one play earlier.  Shotgun formation, 3 WR set and 1 lone RB in the back field.  If I had to guess, I would guess  a clear passing down considering how accurate Locker has been on this drive

~~~~~>    ~~~~~~~~~>      ~~~~~~~~~~~~>

Once again Locker gets great protection in the pocket, more than enough time for him to hit his speedy and athletic TE Jared Cook over the middle for an 18 yard TD strike.  A thing of beauty to be honest as Cook COOKS his defenders and gets behind them for the easy catch in stride that his defenders never saw coming.  Again, something the Jets need to be cognizant of but if I’m the Jets, I have one of the safeties; Bell or Landry looking out for Cook and not allowing him to roam free.

Titans illustrated on this drive, the FIRST drive of the game that they are more than capable of taking advantage of what the opposing defense is giving them.  Time after time on this drive, the Colts gave Locker the easy high % pass and he took it utilizing a formation that maximizes his abilities.  The Jets will have to be careful NOT to sell out on the run and trust in Coples, Wilkerson and that D-line to make the necessary run defensive plays to contain him for the most part and not be fooled by the Titans record and overlook Locker and this team as it may cost them EARLY and end up killing their playoff chances this Sunday.

How Do The Jets Attack That Titans Defense and Contain Their Offense?

On Offense:

The Titans come into the game vs the Jets ranked 26th and 24th  in passing and rushing defense respectively and frankly this is something that should be exploited by the Jets.  The Jets exploited the Jaguars abysmal run defense last week and will most likely look to do the same this week.  I believe the difference this week of course will be Mark Sanchez’s arm.  The Titans aren’t going to just sit back and allow the Jets to run all over them and will force Mark Sanchez to make throws in the passing game.  Something that he will have to do or we may be looking at another week full of Jets QB storyline that wont be in Sanchez’s favor much like after the Cardinals game.

The film suggested that the Titans give up big plays in the passing game and running game.  It was one point in the 1st quarter against the Colts in which Colts QB Andrew Luck found 3 straight wide open WRs in a drive that ended up with a Reggie Wayne TD catch from Luck a pass in which Wayne was….yep….wide open.  Of course Luck and Sanchez aren’t the same QB (unfortunately) but again, with Sanchez facing tremendous pressure again this week with the Jets still knocking at the playoff door, I would expect Sanchez to be able to take advantage of anything the Titans defense gives him.

Look for Bilal Powell and Shonn Greene to get fed early and often and late and consistently as well, to try to take pressure off Mark Sanchez.  Not really sure how Braylon Edwards will affect the Jets passing game but I’m hoping he and Sanchez rekindle their old rhythm immediately.

2nd year RB Blial Powell is emerging as the Jets go to RB as the season winds down.

On Defense:

The Jets aren’t exactly facing a high powered offense this week in the Titans but the Titans do have talented skill players that can make plays if the defense give their offense more than they should.  2nd Year QB Jake Locker isn’t the most accurate passer nor is he the most consistent (that’s me being nice of course and putting it mildly) but he has playmakers that are capable of helping their young QB out and doing some impressive things with the football. Chris Johnson, Kenny Britt and Kendall Wright are all great/good playmaking skill players that Locker has at his disposal and if the Jets defense are asleep at the wheel on Monday Night then we can only hope it doesn’t end up like their previous prime time performance on Thanksgiving Night.

Antonio Cromartie should defend Kenny Britt who went for 8 REC, 143 YDS vs the Colts and the Jets should probably find a way to re-activate Darrelle Revis right NOW to defend Kendall Wright because I don’t trust Kyle Wilson at all.  That’s a huge match-up advantage for the Titans, probably the biggest one of the game outside of Chris Johnson vs the Jets run defense a matchup that I feel can go either way with the way the Jets D-line has played lately.

Locker will be facing a pass rush that consist Muhammad Wilkerson and Quinton Coples who have both been on a slight rampage as of late and will look to continue their stellar play under the bright lights with the Jets playoff chances still very much alive.  Locker was only sacked once by the Colts last week but the Titans O-line will be facing a different type of pass rush this week as Rex will most certainly look to see if Locker can actually beat the blitz effectively.