Jets vs. Jaguars: Earning Their Wings


Bilal Powell: Again? Yes, again. On this team we need a little consistency and Powell has been a beacon of light at the end of a seemingly long tunnel. He’s quick and he’s fast but most importantly, he’s smart. He spots a tiny hole and pushes himself through it for the extra yardage–he averaged 4.1 ypc in this game alone and for a long time we weren’t seeing the yards per carry numbers even come close to breaking 3, let alone 4. He moves guys with him as opposed to just slamming into them. Shout of approval also goes to Shonn Greene, who is steadily improving every week but not to the level that I think Powell is showing us in a weekly basis. I think the progression of Powell is ultimately helping Greene, because the Jets are finally seeing what they can do with both backs and how efficient the run game is when they’re used properly. It only took more than half the season, but we’ll take what we can get at this point and just have to hope that it continues. If both guys are back next season (I’d say Greene is doubtful at this point), then the Jets may just have the Ground and Pound, or at least the start to it, that Rex has been envisioning and touting. Again, it’s taken awhile, but I won’t go there just yet.

Muhammad Wilkerson: Consistency, consistency, consistency. He’s having a Pro Bowl year and there is no doubt about that. If he’s not voted onto a plane to Hawaii in the next month then there’s either even less people watching Jets games than I originally thought or there’s a glitch in the voting system. We’ll blame Florida if that happens but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. He’s dominant and he’s imposing. He’s also intimidating to the point that teams have to play more than one guy on him. In today’s game we saw him tally 3 QB hits and a sack. On a line that has had lackluster attempts at getting to the QB, Big Mo is a breath of very needed fresh air. Tannenbaum has made several mistakes as GM of this team and I want nothing more than to see someone else sitting in that big chair for the 2013 season, but some of the younger guys now on the team are showing up in a big way and I suppose Tannenbaum deserves a modicum of credit for finding them. Or at least listening to whomever did.

Bart Scott: He’s not the youngest guy out there but as I said the last time I gave him wings, I think he is absolutely important on the field and in the locker room. He is a straight shooter and is playing through an injury that takes guys much younger than him off the field and onto the trainer’s table, or at least keeps them on the sidelines as opposed to playing through it. If you don’t know what Turf Toe is look it up. Then understand that Bart’s giving everything he can so when we see him put a beast hit on a player or, better yet, come up with an interception after one of his cohorts puts a beast hit on a QB, then we are seeing a guy who’s fighting for that stat. A RZ interception is a stat that’s something we’re used to seeing happening TO our team not for the benefit of. We’ll take it.

Mark Sanchez wasn’t overly impressive but battled through an early fumble to manage the game and an important downfield throw later on.

Honorable mentions:The entire Jets Defense: For the second game straight they’ve held down the fort and held the opposing offense to small numbers. There are areas where improvement is needed but it’s hard not to see the promise and take note that they’re simply a few key pieces away from being a very viable threat if they’re kept together. Antonio Cromartie needs to be on that plane with Wilkerson to Hawaii. He’s a soldier the league need to recognize.Robert Malone: How about some love for the punter? He’s done a great job this season and may be one of the few good moves Tannenbaum made once training camp ended.LaRon Landry: He’s a beast. And we need him next year.

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