Know Thy Enemy: Week 14-Jets vs. Jaguars


Nov 18, 2012; Houston, TX, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert (11) on the sidelines against the Houston Texans in the third quarter at Reliant Stadium. The Texans defeated the Jaguars 43-37. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time for the weekly edition of “Know Thy Enemy”. This week, we talk to our friend Luke Sims, editor of  Take a look at what Luke had to say about his team, and our upcoming game on Sunday:

THE JET PRESS:Can you pinpoint what has gone wrong sending you guys to 2-10? Is it something specific, or a combination of factors?

BLACK AND TEAL:A lot of us firmly believe this to be an “everything” problem. Some fans want to blow it all up and get rid of Blaine Gabbert, GM Gene Smith, and head coach Mike Mularkey. It’s been pretty disappointing. Our top 10 defense from last year has been worse than underwhelming, injuries have ravaged our starters (three starters from last year haven’t seen a snap this year, and three more from this year are now on IR), and the entire offensive system that was being installed this year just wasn’t absorbed as quickly as would be liked. It is almost a perfect storm for the Jaguars this year. Despite that, the team is really just a few plays away from having three more wins. The three overtime losses were heartbreakers, but in the NFL if you don’t perform when you need to it doesn’t matter how close you got.

TJP:Could the Jaguars have found their answer at quarterback with Chad Henne, or are they still confident in Blaine Gabbert?

B&T:I think Chad Henne can be a viable option as a long term answer somewhere. However, it isn’t his age that limits his viability but rather his inconsistency. He can have great games like in weeks 11 and 12 or he can have terrible games like weeks 7 and 13. The guy would be give any team a roller coaster ride every season. I think that coach Mularkey is still confident that Gabbert can develop into a good quarterback, but he may not get that chance with the Jaguars. A new general manager, as seems inevitable, will probably want his own guy in year one or two of his regime. Gabbert needs to step up and prove he is the guy early in 2013 if he is given the chance.

Dec. 2, 2012; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Cecil Shorts (84) during the second half against the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Buffalo beats Jacksonville 34 to 18. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

TJP:I read that Cecil Shorts has passed his concussion tests. What are the chances of him playing, and if he does, tell us a bit about his game?

B&T:Shorts is still listed as questionable for Sunday and did not practice on Wednesday. I think he will see the field but would not be shocked if he was held out due to concussion symptoms. The team needs him healthy because his game has evolved from being a deep threat to becoming a real go-to guy with massive big play potential. Shorts is a receiver that exploits defensive weaknesses and miscues. He is also really good at winning one on one match ups. He may not garner the respect for double teams this year, but he’s making a case for rolling coverage and extra men his way for next year.

TJP:Were Jaguar fans hoping to see Mark Sanchez start on Sunday, or did they have a preference?

B&T: I don’t think it really matters to Jags fans. Tim Tebow is still a big draw (congratulations on nabbing him?) but ultimately it’s about a good product on the field. Jaguar fans have been starved of good play at home – at least by their own team – and it is nice to see good play from anybody. Unfortunately, I don’t think Tebow or Sanchez are providing much good play lately. It would be interesting, at least for me, to see McElroy get some reps again.

TJP:How about a prediction for Sunday.

B&T:As much as I like the Jaguars under Henne right now, I don’t see him pulling it out against the highly ranked pass defense of the Jets. The Jags are starting their fourth different running back of the season, a special teams player mostly against the mediocre at best Jets run defense (no offense), so I’ll call that a push for now. I say it’s a close 20-21 for the Jets.

Thanks to Luke for taking the time. Check out his site,, for all things Jaguars related.