Jets vs Seahawks: 5 Quick Hits



Mark Sanchez may have seen his final snaps as the New York Jets starting quarterback. Sanchez was overwhelmed all day as he failed to complete more than 50% of his passes yet again while never reaching the enzone and threowing another red zone interception. Sanchez held onto the ball to long in the pocket which resulted in multiple tipped passes and a sack fumble that sealed the win for the Seattle Seahawks. If I added correctly I believe Tim Tebows 8 yards passing and 14 yard rushing accumulate to a better day points wise from a fantasy football perspective. At this point in his career Sanchez has failed to develop, and is comitting first year mistakes on a consistant basis. While Tim Tebow may not be the long term solution, it’s almsot impossible that he performs worse than Sanchez has thus far in the 2012 NFL season.


The defense can perform when they are not on the field for 80% of the game. The New York Jets have consistently lost the time of possesion battle this season and the trend continued this Sunday. The Jets defense got continuous pressure on Russell Wilson ammasing 4 sacks and recovering 2 fumbles to give the Jets offense a chance to succeed. As the defense became increasingly tired from a lack of rest, Seattle found success running the ball late to close out the game and run the clock to secure the win.


Kyle Wilson continues to struggle as a starting corner back. While never impressive in the slot position as a defensive back Wilson has looked even more of a liability on the outside. Never too fast to celebrate a bad throw #20 was beaten for a touchdown yet again as he cannot play the ball in the air or maintian leverage against the opposing receiver. Wilsons struggled are becomming a common theme for the Jets defense and offensive coordiantors are taking advantage of this weakness with increasing regularity.


The Jets defensive front showed a spark not seen so far this season. The bunch up front looked every bit the young and talented group they were touted to become. Muhammad Wilkerson had a monster game racking up 7 tackles, a forced fumble while also returning a Mike Devito forced fumble into 6 points for his first NFL touchdown. Quentin Coples played well finding his way into the backfield while Sione Pouha and Mike Devito closed down passing lanes and aided in getting pressure on Seattle’s rookie standout quarterback Russell Wilson. The defensive front looked promising and shined as the lone possible bright spot for the Jets at this point in 2012.


It may also be time to reevaluate the offensive coordinator position on the Jets coaching staff. Tony Sparano who was once celebrated as a running game guru who can help get back to the ground and pound mentallity has failed to deliver thus far this season. The running game is sub-par and Mark Sanchez has been performing as bad as ever in what is now his fourth NFL season.  The “secretive” Tebow package that was so mind blowing it had to be hidden throughout the preseason has failed to deliver any points, yardage or results this season. While Sparano’s system may work with certain rosters and position players its has looked dated and outcoached week in and week out, making Jets fans wonder was Brian Schottenheimer really the problem?