How Do You Spell Success for the Jets? E-X-E-C-U-T-E


Oct 21, 2012; Foxboro, Massachusetts, USA; New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (6) prepares to take a snap from center Nick Mangold (74) during the fourth quarter against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium. The New England Patriots won 29-26. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-US PRESSWIRE

We have talked a lot about how the Jets need to be successful in the second half of the season. We have talked about the troubles with the playcalling. We have discussed how Tony Sparano needs to be more creative, as do Rex and Pettine on the defensive side. We have talked about Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow, Shonn Greene, the offensive line, and the old gray-haired dinosaur defense. However, you can take most of this, all these issues, and boil them down to one word. That word?


We can point a lot of fingers at what’s wrong with this Jets team. A lot of finger pointing is done towards Mark Sanchez. I am not saying it’s unfair, I don’t want to hear it on Twitter that I am making excuses. But, despite what you all think, a quarterback CANNOT make the plays work all by himself. It takes eleven guys. If the wide receivers don’t run the correct routes, that is not something the quarterback can fix. Neither can he fix it when the blocking breaks down. Offensive plays take eleven players to make work. One guy cannot be the fix.

Shonn Greene cannot just, make the running game better by having better vision. Yes, his vision with the football stinks, no doubt. He is not exactly fleet of foot. Anybody with eyes can see that, just watch him run some time. But, he cannot do it alone. The offensive line has to all to it job, making their assigned blocks. If one guy is out of position, a play gets blown up. One guy cannot be the fix.

The Jets have to execute.

Same thing on the defensive side of the football. 10 guys can be in the correct place on a running play to the outside, but if one guy isn’t, the play goes for big yardage. If one defensive back is late getting to his spot on a pass play, the play goes for long yardage. One guy does not fix a football team. It takes eleven guys. Everybody has to do their jobs, in order for the Jets to be successful in this second half. It boils down to one word: EXECUTE.

We have seen the Jets do it in 2012. For the most part, they executed week one against the Buffalo Bills. Don’t forget the way they played against the Colts. They dominated that football game, by executing the game plan. At no other time have the Jets executed in all phases of the game. If they can do that, they will play well.

But it takes eleven. They have to execute.