Quick All-22 Film Review – The New England Patriots


This week the Jets (3-3) travel up to Foxborough to take on the New England Patriots (3-3) for total control of the AFC East.  The Jets are coming off a 35-9 beat down over the Indianapolis Colts, a game in which we saw the Jets’ offense and defense show up big time.  The Patriots on the other hand, are coming off of a 23-24 loss to the Seattle Seahawks a game in which the Patriots secondary was torched by rookie QB Russell Wilson all game long.  This week in our All-22 film review, I’m going to focus on 3 drives, 2 Seahawks drives and 1 Patriot drive.  I’m focusing on 2 Seahawks drives to place emphasis on the New England defense, more specifically, their secondary. The 1 Patriots drive I will analyze is the one that I felt was the most impressive out of all the scoring drives against the Seahawks and one I feel utilizes a lot of the formations and plays that the Jets will see in their matchup this week.

Patriots QB Tom Brady looked to the officials for help vs the Seahawks but it wasn’t enough.

The first drive we’ll analyze is the 2nd Seahawks drive of the game which consisted of 7 plays, 85 yards and a TD.  You have to tip your hat to Pete Carroll and that Seahawk offensive coaching staff for recognizing the weakness in the Patriots secondary and attacking it ad nausea.

1st Quarter (scoreless game)

– 1st and 10, on the Seattle 15 yard line.  Seahawks come out in an I formation with Lynch as the single back.  3 WR set…. Lynch gets the hand off and runs for 7 yards to the right…

– 2nd and 3 at the Seattle 22 yard line.  Seattle in shotgun formation with Lynch and Turbin in the backfield and a 3 WR set. Tate and Rice lined up to the right and Baldwin to the left.  Wilson passes to Tate for a loss of 6 yards.  The play was sniffed out perfectly by Patriots DB Alfonzo Dennard who made a great tackle for a loss

-3rd and 9 at the Seattle 16 yard line.  Seahawks once again come out in a shotgun formation with Lynch as the single back.  Russell Wilson hits WR Doug Baldwin for a 50 yard completion.  Baldwin made this catch look easy as he simply blew right past Kyle Arrington and Russell put enough air under it to make it an easy pitch and catch.  Arrington on the coverage looked slow and hate Wilson put this in front of Baldwin, this would’ve been an easy TD bomb.

Patriots CB Kyle Arrington had a rough day vs the Seattle Seahawks

– 1st and 10 at New England 34 yard line. Seattle in a bunch formation with a 3 WR set.  Wilson hits Sidney Rice on an out route who was lined up against Patrick Chung in the slot. Rice runs out of bounds after a gain of 6 yards.

2nd and 4 – incomplete pass to Golden Tate.

-3rd and 4 at New England 28 yard line.  Seattle in an standard I formation with Lynch as the lone RB.  Russell Wilson fakes the hand off then runs what appears to be a called QB keeper.  Wilson with an impressive 9 yard run for the first down which includes a miss tackle by Jerod Mayo.

1st and 15 (after a false start penalty)  at New England 24 yard line.  Seahawks once again in the shotgun formation with 3 WR set.  It seems Arrington completes the FAIL on this drive by completely allowing Baldwin to get great position in the endzone when Wilson finds him for a 24 yard TD strike.  On that drive, Doug Baldwin had 2 catches for 74 yards and BOTH of those catches were on Kyle Arrington.

The Patriots response was as impressive as any Patriots TD drive you’ll ever see.  It incorporated a lot of pre-snap motions and no-huddle offense.  Patriots utilize the no-huddle offense probably better than any team in the league and Brady has simply perfected it.  Brady reads defenses very quickly and locates holes extremely fast.  Brady and his TEs will basically dominate this next drive to answer Seattle’s scoring drive.

– 1st & 15 (after a false start) at NE 20 yard line.  Brady in the shotgun formation, 3 WR set….with Welker in motion, It’s a 3 yard draw to Bolden.

– 2nd & 12 at the NE 18 yard line.  Brady in the shotgun formation (no huddle), 5 WR set, hits a streaking Gronkowski for 20 yards over the middle.  Gronkowski is working against Cam Chancellor.  Gronkowski runs quick a crossing route but the play is basically successful due to the timing rhythm Gronk and Brady are on with each other…..Gronk puts a little head fake on Chancellor then hits the in-route hard, giving himself enough time to gain a step on Chancellor.

-1st and 10 at the NE 38 yard line.   Pats are in an I formation….2 WRs (Welker and Lloyd) with Gronk in the slot, and 2 RBs in the backfield.  Gronk goes in motion to the left; he sets as TE with his hands on the ground and Welker checks off the line, Brady fakes to Bolden and hits a streaking Gronk going across the middle a pickup of 11 yards off pf a successful play action.

-1st and 10 on the NE 49 yard line.  Shotgun (no-huddle) 5 WR formation with an empty backfield.  Brady hits Gronk for a 5 yard strike as Gronk runs a quick out.

– 2nd and 5 at the Seahawk 46 yard line.  The Pats are in shotgun formation with 3 WRs, 1 RB in the backfield.  Welker goes in motion to the right, Brady hits Lloyd who runs a quick out for 5 yards.

– 1st and 10 at the Seattle 38 yard line.  Pats in an I formation once again utilizing the no-huddle offense with Brady under center and Bolden the lone back in the backfield.  3 WR set with Lloyd, Hernandez and Branch.   Bolden takes the hand off and runs for 13 yards. The Patriots O-line did a great job blocking up front but Bolden does a wonderful job at quickly locating the holes for a wonderful 13 yard pickup.

Pats at this point are utilizing the up tempo no-huddle process very effectively!            


– 1st and 10 on the Seahawks 26 yard line.  Pats are in an I formation with 3 WRs.   Bolden once again the lone RB in the backfield and Brady under center, Brady hands off to Bolden who runs to the right behind Mankins for a 3 yard gain.

2nd and 7 – Incomplete pass

-3rd and 7 at the Seahawks 22 yard line.  Pats in the shotgun formation utilizing a 3 WR set with Bolden in the backfield.  Brady hits a streaking Welker who runs an in cut across the middle for 8 yards.

At this point the Seattle defensive backfield is gassed and just trying to stay alive against this up tempo Patriots offense that is going in and out of the no-huddle very effectively.  Brady is reading the Seahawks defense very quickly and making decisions at lightning speed.  This is why he’s the best in the league….defenses throw their best at him and unless your defense comes with a pass rush that can GET to Brady, it won’t make much of a difference.

– 1st and 10 on the Seahawks 14 yard line. Shotgun formation with a 5 WR set, Brady hits Branch on an out route for 5 yards.

Pats TE Rob Gronkowski and the Pats offense put together a beautiful TD drive to start the 2nd Quarter last Sunday against the Seahawks.

-2nd & 5 on the Seahawk 9 yard line.  Shotgun formation, one lone RB,  4 WR set with 3 WRs to the right of Brady and 1 to the left (Gronk).  Brady hits Gronk who runs a quick up route and stops, Brady completes to Gronk for 4 yards.

-3rd and 1 on Seattle 5 yard line.  Pats in I formation, 1 RB and 2 WRs set to the right of Brady.  Brady hands off to Bolden on a dive for 2 yards.

-1st and goal on Seahawks 8 yard line.  Pats in shotgun formation, 3 WR set with 2 to the right of Brady and 1 to the left, one lone RB, Brady quickly hands off to Bolden for 5 yards.

-2nd & goal at the Seattle 3 yard line.  Patriots back in the hurry up offense, Brady under center, 3 WR set, Bolden is the single RB in the backfield again, Brady off to Bolden for 2 yards.

-3rd and Goal, Goaline bunch formation with Connelly and Bolden in the backfield.  Hernandez is set on the line but goes in motion to the right, bringing the Seattle’s CB Jerod Johnson with him, Brady hits Hernandez with a fade on Jerod Johnson and Hernandez has it all the way.  Johnson doesn’t even turn his head to make a play on the ball and made it too easy for Brady and Hernandez.

What you just witnessed was the Patriots at their best.  A 15 play, 80 yard drive that ate up over 6 minutes of clock.  The Patriots are the epitome of a “balanced” team.  They can and WILL run it on you very effectively and will use a RB by committee approach to do so.  It seems as if Bolden and Ridley share DRIVES, not plays.  It seems as if McDaniels/Belichick are trying to find out which RB gives them the best chance and in doing so they are giving each RB a series to show what they have.  Tom Brady completed passes to 5 different targets on this drive, a drive that started on the Patriots own 20 yard line.  The Patriots utilize the no-huddle offense very effectively and do so consistently to keep opposing defenses on their toes.  They managed to do just that to the Seahawks defense on this drive as Seattle didn’t have an answer for the Patriots offense as they watch the Pats move the ball down the field pretty much effortlessly.

Seattle’s game winning drive was a very creative drive by the Seahawks offensive coordinator but the Patriots secondary looked abysmal and simply out of place.

Pats are up 23-17 with 2:00 to go in the game.

-1st & 10 on Seattle 43 yard line, Seahawks in a shotgun formation, 3 WR set, Lynch in the backfield.  Wilson with a fake handoff to Lynch with the line trapping to the left and Wilson keeps it and runs to the right for 9 yards as it appeared to be a designed run.

-2nd & 1 at the NE 48 yard line, Seahawks in an I formation, 3 WR set, 1 RB set (Lynch, ) TE Zach Miller comes in motion, bootleg rollout Wilson pass to Sidney Rice is incomplete.  Rice was open, Wilson just rushes the pass and over throws Rice who also SLIPS on the play.  The pass could’ve been picked off if the Patriots CBs weren’t the Patriots CBs.

-3rd and 1 at the NE 48 yard line, Shotgun formation, 3 WR set, 1 lone RB, Zach Miller goes in motion again, Wilson with a draw handoff to Lynch for 1 yard.

-1st and 10 on the NE 46 yard line, Seahawks in the I formation, 2 back set, 2 WR set, 1 on both sides of Wilson, Zach Miller in motion gets set and planted on the right side. Wilson with the play action, rolls out to his right and launches it to Sidney Rice who completely burns safety Tavon Wilson for the TD go ahead TD.

Sidney Rice simply runs a fly pattern with a simple head move on the defenders and by the time Wilson had rolled out, Rice had already gain a step on Pats safety Tavon Wilson.  It was a great throw by Russell Wilson and a clutch catch by Sidney Rice.

The Patriots played a lot of Cover 2 and zone and it was simply exploited by the Seahawks passing attack.

How Do The Jets Attack That Patriots Defense and Contain Their Offense?

Mark Sanchez and his favorite target as of late, Jeremy Kerley will look to exploit the Patriots and their 28th ranked secondary.

On Offense:

-The Jets are coming into this game with a healthy Dustin Keller and Stephen Hill. That is certainly a plus as they will need as many weapons as possible against the Patriots.  Jets RB Shonn Greene had a career day last week vs the Colts when he ran for 161 yards and 3 TDs, as he simply grounded and pounded the Colts out of the stadium.  This week the Jets are facing a team in which their secondary ranks 28th in the league as they are giving up 288 passing yards per game and has given up 15 passing TDs so far this season.  So the Jets are happy that Shonn Greene finally emerged last week and certainly won’t complain if he repeats it this week vs the Patriots, but the plan of attack should be simply get Greene going JUST to attack that weak secondary of the Patriots.  The Jets must attack the weak link and not try to get so caught up on trying to ground and pound the Patriots.

-Patriots CB Kyle Arrington has been thrown at 27 times, has given up 22 completions, 81.5% completion, 357 yards allowed, 16.2 ypc, 4 TD allowed, 0 INT, 158.3 QB rating allowed.  That’s a perfect QBR folks and that’s NOT a typo.  Jets need to get their best route runner on Arrington and utilize pre-snap motions to make sure that this happens.  Now that Holmes is out of the lineup, the best route runner right now is probably Jeremy Kerley and there’s no doubt that Kerley will cause nightmares for Arrington if he’s matched up against him.  Arrington isn’t the only problem in that Patriots secondary for sure, the entire secondary is struggling right now and the Jets need to put their foot on the neck of that secondary and not let up until it’s over.

– With Dustin Keller, Stephen Hill and Jeremy Kerley all on the field this week, the Jets have plenty of weapons at their disposal to adequately attack the Patriots and attack they will need to do seeing as though the Patriots offense will be doing the exact same thing to the Jets defense.

On Defense:

-This is more of a concern this week than the offense.  The Jets are allowing an average of 150 rushing yards per game but is ranked 6th in pass defense.  There’s no doubt that Pats offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels will try to attack the Jets weakest part of the defense, the run defense.  Bolden and Ridley will probably see more carries than usual this week.

Rookie Defensive End Quinton Coples will look to build off of his solid performance last week vs Colts as a solid pass rush vs the Pats is VITAL.

– The Jets D-line will have to remain discipline within their gaps. They have to be very careful in stacking the box when the Pats running game is in a rhythm as Brady will check out of it and call a passing play in which man to man defense will likely be the defense he’s looking to exploit.  Brady is the class of the league; he is the epitome of the “NFL QB”.  He’s smart, emotional, firery and hates to lose especially after losing a week prior.  The Jets will be facing an aggressive Patriots team that is looking to avoid another 2 game losing streak this season and they will probably do whatever it takes to see to it that they don’t suffer that fate.

– Look for Cromartie to line up with Brandon Lloyd and Kyle Wilson to line up with the 2nd WR.  Welker will be defended by committee but it cant hurt to have one of the safeties (Bell, Landry) to come up and clean Welker’s clock so that he’s worried about them more so than catching Brady’s passes.  Welker is the biggest concern this week and Rex will probably assign someone to stick with him as best they can.  Good luck.  Seahawks managed to intercept Brady on back to back Patriots possessions last week and both interceptions were the result of the Seahawks CBs playing excellent coverage on their assignments.  The Jets will look to do the same as they will have to play excellent coverage in order to possibly have a chance at one of Brady’s passes.

-Hernandez and Gronkowski are the reason Bell and Landry are NY Jets.  NO other reason.  This will be Bell and Landry’s biggest test of the season by far.  Brady and his TEs have great chemistry and their timing is ELITE.  Most of their success is predicated off their timing.  They have success utilizing streaks across the middle and simple in routes and both Hernandez and Gronkowski have adequate speed to say the least.  They are both lethal in the redzone and the opposing defense’s safeties are usually no match for these TEs.  Bell and Landry will have to get physical with them at the line to get them off their routes and hope the Jets d-line does the rest

-The Jets will need their pass rush to show up this week or it may be over quickly.  Coples and Wilkerson had a solid outing against the Colts last week and they will need to do that and more this week in order to get Brady off his game.  If the CBs and safeties can effectively jam the WRs/TEs at the line and force Brady to hold the ball longer than he wants to, the D-line needs to get him on his butt…..no excuses.