Offense Only Has Itself to Blame for Poor Play


Aug 30, 2012; Philadelphia, PA, USA; New York Jets offensive coordinator Tony Sparano along the sidelines during the third quarter against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. The Eagles defeated the Jets 28-10. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE

The Jets offense, along with the entire team as a whole, played pretty poorly yesterday in Pittsburgh. After they played so well in week one, the Steelers did all they could to put the Jets back in their place yesterday. Not a good day.

The Jets in the past have put a lot of the blame on their coordinator. Brian Schottenheimer was a guy that received a lot of grief for the poor play of the offense last season, and in the past. Unnamed players would complain, publically saying how the offense was too complicated. They couldn’t figure out the playbook.

Well, Schottenheimer is out, Sparano is in. By all accounts, the offense is much simpler than it was in the past. The players all gush about it, saying how the offense gives them more freedom to make plays. They don’t have to think too much, and their instincts are allowed to take over.

But, the Jets scored only 10 points, and had 219 yards in net offense. Who is to blame now? The players.

Aug 15, 2012; Cortland, NY, USA; New York Jets offensive coordinator Tony Sparano walks back to the locker room following practice at SUNY Cortland. Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-US PRESSWIRE

First, we will talk about playcalling. Everyone used to hate Schottenheimer’s playcalling. “What happened to running the football?” Heard that every day. Schottenheimer took the identity away from the New York Jets. Schotty tried to throw too much. We heard that all day, every day, that the Jets had no identity. Well, that’s what Tony Sparano was brought iin to establish, an identity.

Well, the play calling stuck with the run. The Jets ran 51 plays yesterday, 22 runs, and 29 passes. A slight edge to the passing, but not by much. Sparano’s playcalling has been pretty much down the middle. The team has not dropped the running game. But yet, look at the results. The Jets only racked up 219 yards of offense yesterday, and if you remove the first drive of the game which went for 90 yards, the Jets racked up 129 yards the rest of the ball game. You can’t blame that on the play calling. That is on the players. The “Ground and Pound” has a total of 208 net rushing yards so far, over two games. That is not on the coaches, that is on the players.

It’s called, execution.

We’ve talked about it all day, but it needs repeating. Santonio Holmes had 11 targets, but only 3 receptions. Three. He dropped so many passes, it was as if he had grease on his gloves. It was pathetic. That is not on the scheme, that is on the players. The drops were coming left and right, and they came all day long. Who do they blame that on? It’s on the players, that who gets the blame.


Same for the running game that has a grand total of 208 yards over two games. Execute!

Schotty is gone, the Jets players can’t blame him. The plays have been very balanced. No fault there. Who’s fault was the poor game? Look in the mirror Jets players. It’s you!