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Less than 24 hours after the mandatory cut period, the Jets claim three players. According to Rich Cimini of ESPN New York, these moves have NOT yet been announced by the New York Jets. However, it doesn’t look good for a few players that made the final 53 man roster late last night…. that’s because the Jets would have to waive three, in order to add three to the final 53.

I know it sounds confusing but it’s really simple– the Jets cannot add a player, unless they let one walk.

They can always bring a player back on the practice squad, but it’s risky because another team can claim that player off waivers. That’s exactly what happened with the Jets 6th round draft pick — RB Terrance Ganaway. Ganaway was cut last night and claimed by the St. Louis Rams. That’s unfortunate, because it would’ve been great to have Ganaway on the practice squad at the least. After all, we spent a 6th rounder on him…. so it’s never good to see a pick like that go to waste so quickly.

Now, back to the three players that the Jets claimed. Who are they?

Rich Cimini sums it up quite nicely….

DT Isaako Aaitui (Dolphins), WR Clyde Gates (Dolphins) and TE Konrad Reuland (49ers). Clearly, the Tony Sparano connection was at work with the addition of Aaitui and Gates.Gates was brought in for his kick-returning ability as much as anything. Maybe the Jets are concerned about Joe McKnight (hamstring) being ready for the opener.

As a rookie last season, he averaged 24.8 yards on 34 kickoff returns. Gates, a fourth-round pick from Abilene Christian, has sub-4.4 speed. The Jets liked him a lot in last year’s draft. He hasn’t shown much as a receiver, with only two catches for 19 yards last season. That the receiver-needy Dolphins let him go says a lot. A source told that the Jets had claimed him.

Aaitui (6-foot-4, 315 pounds) was undrafted out of UNLV last year and spent the season on the Dolphins’ practice squad. His agent tweeted that he was headed to the Jets. His arrival could mean that rookie free agent Damon Harrison will be waived.

Reuland (6-foot-4, 260), undrafted out of Stanford in 2011, has no playing experience. The Jets got into the market for a third tight end after the season-ending knee injury to Josh Baker. The Jets’ claim was reported by the San Francisco Chronicle. This means TE Dedrick Epps could be in trouble.

To see the full article on ESPN NY, you can click here.

I am familiar with the two ex-Dolphins players, and I believe they can help add depth to our squad. However, I’d be telling a lie if I said that I knew TE Konrad Reuland of the 49ers. But I can tell you this– the Jets


to add a TE. The only Tight Ends on the roster are Dustin Keller, Dedrick Epps…. and well that’s pretty much it. That’s not a good look.

For one–Epps is a good player but not great.

And two– If Keller goes down, we are in BIG (I repeat), BIG trouble.

I consider that a fact, as opposed to my personal opinion… and I think most Jets fans would agree with me here.

So it’s good to see we brought in a Tight End. But what about Chris Cooley? Personally, I fell that he’d be a nice addition. My only guess is that the Jets Front Office liked Reuland a lot and thought that he’d be a better move considering cost/risk/reward.

As for Aaitui and Gates, obviously there’s the Tony Sparano connection… but these are decent players. I’ve always like Gates and think he can help us out in special teams as well. He’s a quick, shifty receiver who is familiar with the routes we run on offense.

UPDATE: The Jets have cut DT Marcus Dixon, TE Dedrick Epps, and S Antonio Allen.

This means that the Jets have cut ALL of their 6th and 7th round picks from the 2012 draft.

As a fan, that’s not what you would like to see happen. It’s never good to hold onto a player too long, just because they were drafted… but at the same time, that’s clearly a sign that we need to draft better.

I’m surprised to see the Jets cut Marcus Dixon. He has been consistent along the defensive line for the Jets, dating back to the 2010 season. He’s never been pro-bowl worthy, but he hasn’t stunk it up like Vladamir Ducasse either.

Speaking of Ducasse– anybody surprised to see him make the final 53?

I am.

Some of these moves that the Jets are making are quite shocking. Especially when four of them were drafted this year.

My advice to Jets fans is this– let’s let things play out. Tannenbaum said this will be a “mini draft weekend”, so we’ve got to see what he means. This is far from over with the Jets, as we all know… so let’s give it time.

At least until labor day…

What does everybody think of the roster moves thus far?

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