Joe Namath is Being Hypocritical with Criticism


February 4, 2012; Indianapolis, IN, USA; NFL former quarterback Joe Namath on the red carpet at the inaugural NFL honors red carpet and awards show at the Old National Centre. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-US PRESSWIRE

You know that saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”? Well, it might be high time for Mr. Joe Namath to start following that rule.

We all know by now that the Jets love a headline. Ever since the Rex Ryan era began, for all of the success the Jets have achieved, you can probably come up with double the amount of headlines that the team has created. Be it from the players, the head coach, or the GM with the moves he has/has not made, the Jets are always on the back pages.

However, Joe Namath, with his public comments going against the team, are just not helping.

Last season, Joe started his public comments against the team, and we chronicled the situation here at the Jet Press. His ire was drawn primarily at head coach Rex Ryan, and his propensity for making guarantees that he can’t keep. He would point out how bad it was for the team, and did so by directly calling Ryan out.

This year, he has turned his attention to the Tim Tebow trade, and the way the team is going about their business as a whole.

First, he called out the Jets for the Tim Tebow trade. He called the trade a “publicity stunt”, and said that, “The only reason to run the Wildcat is if your offense isn’t working.” He went on to give his opinion on how the team is doing business as a whole, saying they are more interested in the headlines and not as interested in winning a championship.

Broadway Joe is the greatest Jets player ever. He brought us our Super Bowl, and we haven’t even been back since. Until we win another one, everybody else can only be the second best.

That being said, Joe Namath also has a passion for his former team. Last season, I kind of considered Namath a bit of a loud mouth, but I have thought about my position. Joe Namath loves his team, and he isn’t a bad guy. His comments come from a deep love for the New York Jets. He does ultimately want the Jets to succeed, and his thoughts come from that place. He is not trying to be a problem.

That being said, his comments are a problem, and are hypocritical as well. He is certainly entitled to his opinions, Joe knows football. Especially if he is asked questions, he is certainly entitled to answer them. But, the way he is putting them out there is hypocritical.

Think about it. If you consistently make negative comments all the time, that is going to make headlines. Come on Joe, you know the New York mainstream media. If you get quoted saying that the Jets are more concerned with making headlines, isn’t that just going to turn into another headline? How does that help the situation?

Like I said, Joe Namath is entitled to feel how he does. The suggestion from me would be to maybe put them out there more constructively. Instead of just talking about what’s wrong, it might help to offer suggestions on how to fix the problems. This might be a way for Namath to still express his thoughts and opinions, without drawing the same kind of attention to himself.

Doing it this way, is hypocritical. He thinks the Jets like headlines, but all he is doing is creating his own headlines. You can’t have it both ways, Joe, sorry. It is hypocritical.