JETSerious’ Recap: Monday’s Practice


First off, I’d like to apologize for the late post… the 6 hour drive back from Cortland wiped me out!

Anyway, here’s a few notes from Monday’s practice that I would like to share:

Coples gets going:

Jets 1st Round Pick Quinton Coples, had a solid day yesterday. Recording two “sacks”, Coples displayed why he was the 16th overall pick.

DE Quinton Coples (98), practices rushing the passer during Monday’s practice.

At 6 feet 6 inches, Quinton Coples has the size to dominate at the line of scrimmage. He is fortunate to get a FULL training camp’s worth of practice, unlike the rookies of 2011 during the lockout.

With all the doubt that Coples can give it his all on every down, I predict that he will have a monster rookie year. My money is on Quinton, and the rest of this young and fresh Defensive Line.

Mark Sanchez/Tim Tebow update:

Mark Sanchez looked sharp at practice, throwing a 50 yard BOMB for a touchdown to Stephen Hill. Hill beat Revis in coverage, showing his blazing speed that scouts saw at the combine. Speaking of Hill, part of his speed should be credited to his burst off of the line of scrimmage. Take a look at his first move as the ball is snapped..

Sanchez did, however, throw an interception to Antonio Cromartie earlier in the practice. Hey, maybe he thought Cromartie was playing WR. But seriously, Sanchez has to continue to eliminate his turnovers, or he will hear an earful from Coach Sparano.

Tim Tebow looked like he couldn’t have thrown the ball any harder.

QB Tim Tebow (15), throws a bullet during the Jets practice on Monday.

You can tell in this picture, that he is giving it his all. That’s all you can really ask of the guy. He looked decent in practice, but personally, I saw that Sanchez’s arm was noticeably stronger… nothing against Tebow.

It’s great that Tebow is pushing Mark as much as he is. Mark has looked better than ever in the Jets 2012 Training Camp.

Starting QB Mark Sanchez (6), throws a pass during the Jets practice on Monday.

Mayhem looks light-years better this year:

It’s remarkable how much Aaron Maybin has improved since last year. He’s added on some weight, and is proving that he can be an every-down LB.

LB Aaron Maybin (51), matches up against LT D’Brickashaw Ferguson (60) during the Jets practice on Monday.

Here, Maybin took on Pro Bowl LT D’Brickashaw Ferguson. Actually, Maybin was lined up on “Brick”, more often than not.

Impressions on Jordan White:

I was very impressed by 7th round pick WR Jordan White. Remember guys, he led the nation in catches last year, so the potential is there. After returning from a foot injury, White was all over the field yesterday, returning punts and catching passes. I caught a couple of nice shots of the “Rook”, and would like to share with you one in particular. Here you go!

Rookie WR Jordan White (17), catches a pass during the Jets practice on Monday.

Powell getting reps behind Greene:

Bilal Powell is really starting to emerge as a new weapon for our offense.

RB Bilal Powell (29), takes a handoff during the Jets practice on Monday.

He’s been running hard and making the most of his opportunities. Shonn Greene looks like he isn’t getting any better thus far. I don’t want to take a shot on Greene, because he has improved greatly, catching the ball out of the backfield.

Take a look at Greene catching a Sanchez pass on a Wheel Route…

Jets RB Shonn Greene (23), catches a pass from Mark Sanchez during practice on Monday.

I hope Greene can change the perception; that he has not improved running the rock, and prove us wrong… but if this continues, Powell will need to develop quicker than the Front Office had intended. Bilal did prove that he deserves more reps. Now it’s up to him to make a splash on Friday, in the Jets first preseason game.

Last but not least, my final note… and what everybody is talking about…

The Brawl:

As Joe McKnight ran right, I assumed that it would be just another play, that would end in a jog back to huddle. I was dead wrong. Luckily, I had a good spot. I was able to take capture the “push” from D’anton Lynn, that started the whole dilemma. You can clearly see that McKnight was still in-bounds, so maybe he overreacted.

You be the judge…

As soon as other players noticed what was happening, Tebow tried to jump in and break it up. Take a look…

The frustration escalated from there, and teammates rushed toward the sidelines…

I was glad to hear that Mark Sanchez handled the situation like a leader, responding in a smart way…

There’s no excuse for it. There’s no throwing a ball at a teammate. There’s no shoving a guy out of bounds into the signs. One, it doesn’t look good and two, it sends the wrong message to our team. We want to take care of our guys,” he said. “You throw the ball at somebody in a game, you are going to get 15 yards. I don’t know if that’s a great habit to get into.”

Some extra goods!

Check out some of the other great catches our WR’s made– throughout the day…

WR- Stephen Hill

WR Stephen Hill (84), makes an over-the-shoulder catch during Monday’s practice.

WR- Chaz Schilens

WR Chaz Shilens (85), catches the ball in-bounds during Monday’s practice.

WR- Stephen Hill

WR Stephen Hill (84), makes a one-handed catch during Monday’s practice.

WR- Dexter Jackson

WR Dexter Jackson (89), catches a pass over his shoulder during Monday’s practice.

WR- Raymond Webber

WR Raymond Webber (1), catches a pass over his shoulder during Monday’s practice.

WR- Eron Riley

WR Eron Riley (19), fully extends and makes a great catch during Monday’s practice.

I saved the best for last!

WR- Raymond Webber

WR Raymond Webber (1), makes an acrobatic catch during Monday’s practice.

That’s all from JETSerious in SUNY Cortland, thanks for reading!

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