JETSerious’ Thoughts & Observations from Jets Friday Practice


Earlier this morning, I published an article featuring updates from well-respected reporters, who tweeted from the Jets practice in Cortland. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can click here to check it out!

Now, let’s talk football!

Here are some of the topics that stood out from this morning’s practice:

Offense struggles after winning black jerseys yesterday:

According to Brian Costello of the NY Post, the offense looked “awful”. That’s pretty harsh.

He could have used a couple different words like… struggling, not good, or just bad. But awful? That’s never good to hear.

It is, however, imperative to know that there’s a learning curve for this offense. It’s a brand new system under Tony Sparano, and the Defense is in their 4th year together… so the Defense better be ahead of the Offense.

It’s understandable for the Offense to struggle, but it’s another when frustration is building among the group. Tim Tebow was, “mad at himself after a few throws”, and Shonn Greene was spotted, “throwing his helmet to the ground”. I expect that the offense will hear an earful from OC Tony Sparano after practice.

Sparano is known as a “disciplinarian” type of a coach, so let’s see how he handles the offense’s temper. Unfortunately, this sounds like the frustration that was around during last season’s season-ender in Miami. Nobody wants to see a repeat, so they better get it together.

There was not much to note on starting QB Mark Sanchez, other than his stats. I wasn’t there, so I’m not too sure how he looked controlling the huddle. I can however, tell you that he finished 5 for 11 with one Touchdown pass to WR Patrick Turner. Muhammad Wilkerson sacked Mark twice, but I’m not exactly sure which Offensive Lineman gave up the sacks. Hopefully it’s not Wayne Hunter… and if it is, can you say, CALL VERNON CAREY? Anyone?

A few players taking it easy:

WR Santonio Holmes did not start in team drills. He was doing sprints across the field during the break, according to Brian Costello. Holmes needs to get back into tip-top shape to prevent any further injuries, and help this offense get rolling again.

WR DaMarcus Ganaway was also spotted stretching his legs on the side, as the remaining WR’s were getting their reps. Hopefully Ganaway can get himself back on the field, and solidify himself a roster spot.

Bryan Thomas was missing from a few snaps with the starting Defense. LB Garrett McIntyre replaced him. Whether it’s a part of his limited participation or a simple substitution, I do not know. Thomas is returning from a season ending injury in 2011, so it’s possible that Rex Ryan wants him to take a gradual approach… regarding his number of snaps.

Locks to make the team:

In my opinion, Josh Baker is a lock to make this football team.

Josh Baker (45), catches a pass as Rookie Safety Josh Bush (32) chases him down.

Baker had a TD last year against the Giants, and has been proving that he’s a versatile weapon for this offense. He can contribute as a FB and TE. After breaking his nose on the first day of practice, Josh showed his toughness by getting back out there, and blocking/catching all over the field. Baker also caught a 25 yard TD pass from Tim Tebow, during practice this morning.

Stephen Hill, who had a great run thus far, slowed down a bit… according to reports. However, it’s important to remember that he’s a Rookie, and he’s going to have some bumps in the road as he adapts to life in the NFL. It’s somewhat surprising that he could “disappear” like he did today, after doing so good. But let’s be patient. He’s definitely a lock to make the team.

“Can’t Wait”, to talk smack!

Bart Scott looks like his younger self again, after slimming down this offseason. He also sounds like his old self again… often yelling across the field at the offense. Bart loves to talk smack, which is fine. He just has to make sure he backs it up, unlike last year.

Scott was guilty of a holding penalty, which ticked him off, and caused him to blast the referee.

You won’t get promoted at Foot Locker with calls like that!”

Nobody wants to see Bart give up yardage on a holding penalty, but it’s good to see that his level of intensity is back to where it was in 2009 and 2010.

We can expect a quicker and faster Bart Scott for this upcoming season. Remember, he was participating with Joe McKnight and Kyle Wilson in MMA training during the offseason… so he’s got to be in great shape!

Kicking battle:

New kicker Josh Brown (pictured left), along with last year’s kicker Nick Folk, continue to battle it out for the starting kicking job. During this morning’s practice, both went 4-4 on their field goals. This doesn’t really give us any new information.

The advantage goes to Brown, because he has looked better in the previous practices. There’s still time though, so don’t give up on Folk too quickly. Remember he did make a 53(Folk’ing) yard game-winner, on opening day last season.

The competition shall continue…

1st full practice for Demario Davis and Jordan White:

Demario Davis and Jordan White were recently removed from the PUP (physically unable to perform) list. Today, the two got back on the field in full pads, and got plenty of reps. Davis was spotted on the 1st team Defense during the 2-minute drill. That’s definitely a great sign that he’s out there and participating with the starters.

I’m excited for Jordan White to showcase his abilities on the field, after missing time with an injury.

It’s important that both Davis and White get their reps, as Rookies trying to adapt to the NFL’s speed.

One last nugget:

WR Eron Riley, supposedly, made a nice one-handed catch during practice this morning. If he keeps this up—making great catches (like the one to the right); he will have a great shot to make the final 53-man roster.

That’s all from JETSerious on Friday’s training camp practice in Cortland.

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