Notes from Saturday’s Training Camp Practice


It was a rainy practice today… and that’s being generous. I was drenched. But hey, that’s part of the game! I took as many pictures as I could… without breaking my camera, of course!

Anyway, here are some notes from today’s practice. I broke it down with the offense first and the defense second.



Sparano is in command:

Offensive Coordinator Tony Sparano looked like he owned the offense. It was almost like rapid-fire out there, and the tempo was better than ever for this Jets offense.

Here he is, barking out his play-call.

Sanchez/Tebow update:

Before I get into details, let me set things straight. Sanchez’s arm, delivery, and accuracy looked incredibly better than Tebow’s…. and it was obvious. With that being said, both of them looked like they belong in the new run-heavy and vertical-passing offense.

Specifically, Sanchez had a great command of the 1st Team offense, and his game looks to be on the rise.

Mark looked like the natural leader and each of his passes had a nice zip. The picture above is just one of his many bullets.

However, that’s not to say that Tebow didn’t look like the “football player” that he displayed he was last season. He looks like a sharp addition thus far. Regardless of what position he’s playing, he works hard on every down and plays the game with great intensity.

Will we be seeing any of this? Tim Tebow, at Wide Receiver?

No, but what about Cromartie?

Antonio Cromartie, playing Wide Receiver?

There has been a lot of speculation recently, whether or not Rex Ryan will use Cromartie on offense. It’s difficult to say that it’ll ever be ruled out. The threat of Antonio as a receiver, really hit me today, as I watched him run routes in DB drills. He really caught my eye. He runs like a deer… I barely caught a picture!

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The new trio at Safety:

I can try to be as optimistic as possible, but I can’t lie.

I hate to say it, Jets fans, but Eric Smith is still getting beat downfield.

Luckily, LaRon Landry was un-limited during today’s practice. Just a few days removed from the PUP list, Landry has been cleared, and is back on the field.

As a matter of fact, LaRon looks like his old self again.

Oh, and Yeremiah Bell seems to be picking up the defensive playbook rather quickly. He’s what they call, “a student of the game”.

Some players, unintentionally, might doze off when a coach is speaking. You can bet that one of those players is not Yeremiah Bell. Even as a veteran, Bell still has the drive to learn a brand new playbook to the maximum capacity. That drive, is something Kerry Rhodes did not have. So he was shipped out, and Bell was brought in.

Bell is always seeking information, to get a better grasp of the playbook. Here he is listening to Defensive Backs Coach, Dennis Thurman.

Intimidating Defensive Line:

I know it’s a little early, but it’s hard ignore how much potential there is on this Defensive Line for the Jets. Coach Dunbar should have a great impact on our D-Line, so we can expect a bunch from this unit this year. Dunbar has done it before in Minnesota, and I see him doing it now in New York.

It’s always great to see the younger (first, second, and third year) players learn something new from a well-respected coach.


Kendrick Ellis (above), for example, needs Coach Dunbar to help him become a better player. He can use all the help he can get, as he is only in his second NFL season.

There is plenty of depth along the line, and they are all a great combination of size, speed, and power.

Quinton Coples and Muhammad Wilkerson cannot be missed when you observe this D-Line. Coples especially, is really tall from afar, and humongous in person.

#98 could truly be a problem for opposing QB’s, when they try to look beyond the 6’6 DE. By simply lifting his long arms, he can easily disrupt the passer and his vision downfield.

Stay tuned for tomorrow, as JETSerious will provide another inside look on the Jets Training Camp Practice in Cortland, NY.

Thanks for reading!

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