Stephen Hill will Top Plaxico’s 2011 TD Totals as a Rookie


May 24, 2012; Florham Park, NJ, USA; New York Jets wide receiver Stephen Hill (84) during organized team activities at their training facility. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

The Jets have made a lot of changes going into 2012. The mantra of “one step faster”, has been applied in force to the defense, but don’t forget about the offense. A key addition to this concept was the drafting of Stephen Hill from Georgia Tech in the second round.

Stephen Hill will not only be a major addition, he will be a major contributor, and surpass Plaxico Burress’ total of 8 TDs. He will do it as a rookie.

First of all, he is a burner. 4.36 in the forty yard dash leaves no doubt about that. He catches the ball, he has elite, breakaway speed. When Stephen Hill gets his hands on the football, it is never out of the realm of possibility that he will go the distance. He has the speed to take it to the house on any play.

This theory played out in college if you look at his stats. In Hill’s senior year, he caught 28 passes, 5 for TDs, which is almost an 18% TD percentage. For his college career, Stephen scored TDs at a 23% rate. Jerry Rice only scored at a 13% rate. Obviously we are comparing college to a great pro career, but still, Hill finds the end zone. This much is true.

Now let’s look at the Jets. They were the number one team in the red zone in 2011. What was a weapon that worked to their advantage? Plaxico Burress. At 6’5″, although he didn’t have a huge year with 45 catches, he posted his third highest TD total with 8. A big target is essential down deep, and Plaxico was it. But he was slower, and that showed last year too, as he never showed his breakaway speed of the past. So he is gone.

In comes a guy at the same size, that can run a 4.36 forty yard dash. Stephen Hill can get separation, and no matter how small is route tree is, a 6’5″ receiver that can fly will score, especially with the hands that Hill has. Look at his tape, he doesn’t drop it. Hill will make catches, and he will score.

Here is where the addition of Tim Tebow will benefit Stephen Hill. Like it or not, it seems that Tim Tebow will see action behind center in the red zone. We all know that Tim won’t be running a lot of standard, traditional plays, he will be running wildcat plays. Wildcat, which is the NFL term for option.

It just so happens, that Georgia Tech was an option based offense. This limited Stephen Hill’s touches in college, but will benefit him with the Jets. The use of Tim Tebow, will be Stephen Hill’s gain.

The Jets will be faster in 2012. Stephen Hill will be a major factor, in the redzone and with his breakaway speed.

He will benefit from the new offense, and the wildcat elements. He will do so to the tune of 9+ TDs, becoming a major scoring force in his rookie season.