My All Time Jets Roster-Linebackers


Jan 20, 2011; Florham Park, NJ, USA; New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott (57) during practice at the Jets training facility in preparation for the 2011 AFC championship game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Mandatory Credit: John Munson/THE STAR-LEDGER via US PRESSWIRE

It’s been a while, but I am back with the continuation of my All Time Jets Roster, which to remind you, means anyone who played after 1985 on the Jets. To bring you up to date, you can review the past pieces as follows:

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We went with a 3-4 alignment, so here we go with our four linebackers:

LINEBACKER:Mo Lewis-Here was a guy that was terrifc for a lot of not so terrific Jets teams, although he made his biggest mark on the team when they got good under Bill Parcells. He made 3 straight Pro Bowl appearances from 1998-2000, and recorded 52.5 sacks over his 13 years in the Green and White. He unfortunately is best remembered for a hit that ended a career in New England, but started another. For anyone who doesn’t remember, he laid a hit on Drew Bledsoe that began the career of a guy named Brady. Unfortunate, because he was a terrific member of the Jets, and a deserved place on this roster.

LINEBACKER:Lance Mehl-Lance spent 8 years in the green and white in the 1980s, and spent that time as the signal caller for the Jets defense. He was a good one, and his best year was 1985, his only Pro Bowl appearance, with 5.5 sacks, and 3 INTs. For a couple of good teams, and some really bad ones. Lance Mehl was a standout, and a deserving member of this roster.

LNEBACKER:Marvin Jones-Another guy that was a stealth performer in the Green and White for eleven years, many of them spent alongside the aforementioned Mo Lewis. During his time with the Jets, he was a consistent performer, although he didn’t have the Pro Bowl appearances to show for it, you could always count on him being around the football, with 1,021 tackles for his career(per thus, he makes the cut for this roster.

LINEBACKER:Kyle Clifton-The final spot goes to an underrated linebacker in Jets history. He never made a Pro Bowl appearance, but as quite the consistend performer during a lot of lean years for the Jets, he should have. Other than the strike year of 1987, Clifton didn’t record a season of under 100 tackles from 1985-1993. That folks, is the model of consistency, and a guy that makes this team easily.

HONORABLE MENTION-Jonathan Vilma, David Harris, John Abraham