My All Time Jets Roster-Backs and Receivers


Feb 23, 2012; Indianapolis, IN, USA; New York Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum does an interview in the hall after a press conference during the NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Today, going to start a series of posts as “My All Time Jets Roster”. The criteria to make the team, other than being great for the Jets of course, is that I have to remember seeing them play. For example, Richard Todd played during my lifetime, but I don’t recall watching, so he doesn’t qualify. The first year I recall is 1985, so the players I am choosing from played 1985 and forward.

So the first will be the backs and receivers. Here we go:

QUARTERBACK:Ken O’Brien-Yes, Mark Sanchez has gone to two AFC championship games, and Vinny Testaverde one. Mark hasn’t done it long enough yet, and aside from 1998, Vinny was actually a pretty pedestrian quarterback. The Jets got a lot of flack for drafting O’Brien, and understandably, as Dan Marino was still on the board. However, O’Brien had good years in his own right, putting up back to back 25 TD seasons in 1985-1986. He was the top AFC rated passer in 1985 with a 96.2 rating. He was a two time Pro-Bowler, and took the Jets out of the gate in 1986 to a 10-1 record. Playoff appearances and retiring the second leading passer in Jets history cement him in this spot.

RUNNING BACK:Curtis Martin-Not a lot of a case needs to be made here, as we were all blessed to have seen this man play in the Green and White. The consistencies in life? Death, taxes, and Curtis Martin going over 1,000 yards rushing. He did it 10 straight times, and the 4th leading rusher in league history. He brought the offense, almost single-handedly, back to respectability. He will be formally inducted into the Hall of Fame this summer, a no brainer for this choice.

FULLBACK:Johnny Hector-By far, the best threat the Jets have had in this spot during my time. He played with Freeman McNeil in the 1980s, and could do it all. From 1985-1988, Hector had a nose for the endzone, averaging nearly 9 TDs rushing per season. He also recorded over 1,600 yards receiving out of the backfield. You had to be weary of him every time he was in the game, because he was just as likely to get the ball as Freeman McNeil. The best at this spot by far.

WIDE RECEIVER:Al ToonThis choice was tough. Wayne Chrebet earned a lot of consideration here, but even though Toon’s career ended prematurely due to injury, he edges out Chrebet. For his career, he averaged 64 catches per season versus Chrebet’s 52. Both were great possession receivers, but from observation, Toon was a bit more explosive, so he earns the spot.

WIDE RECEIVER:Wesley WalkerWalker was the best deep threat the Jets have employed in my time, by a lot. He tops the Jets receivers in average yards per catch for his career, with a whopping 19.0 average over his 12 year career. He actually averaged over 20 yards per catch six different times. He was tough to stop, and all of this was done while being blind in one eye. No other choice here.

TIGHT END:Mickey Shuler-There haven’t been a great many solid TE’s in my era(ie Kyle Brady), but Shuler tops the list. One day, I have a feeling that Dustin Keller will, but not yet. As the 7th leading receiver in Jets history, the spot goes to Mickey. Shuler recorded 37 TDs for his career, and had 4 seasons of over 60 or 70 receptions.

HONORABLE MENTION-Chad Pennington, Freeman McNeil, Wayne Chrebet, Dustin Keller.

What do you think of the choices? Please sound off in the comments section.