A New Rex


June 12, 2012; Florham Park, NJ, USA; New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan speaks before New York Jets Minicamp at the Atlantic Health Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

For the past three seasons it was a given that Rex Ryan  would give some memorable quotes for the news papers and hold some colorful press conferences for ESPN and all other TV outlets to show. I mean let’s face it from the very first time Rex took the podium as the head coach of the NY Jets he started turning heads. A mere few minutes in Rex referenced meeting the President and not kissing Bellicheck’s rings. In his press conferences since Rex spoke about not being anyone’s little brother in NY. He in an innocent way called out Norv Turner last year by saying that he would have a few rings if he had coached that Chargers team Norv has. He dressed in a wig and a pillow to mimic his twin brother before he played his Cleveland Browns team in 2010.  He has said that he feels that Peyton Manning is the best QB be in the NFL, all the while Rex faces Brady at least twice a year. Rex brought in a new attitude for this team. But the attitude can grow old if it is not backed up. 2009 the team was the surprise of the league. Some say they backed into the playoffs, I look at it differently. I say they had enough wins to get in, did not matter what anyone else did to allow them to get in. They beat a good Bengal team in the Wild Card round and beat a better Charger team that won 11 in a row prior to the playoffs. They then went into Indianpolis and were beating the Colts until Manning did his magic. 2010 again the Jets made a nice run, but I think they left everything on the field in New England in the divisional round and were basically out of gas for the Steelers game. Ironically it was the week leading up to the Steeler game that Rex went from brash talking to giving the Steelers compliments. It was almost as if he did not want to get that Steeler team mad. But in the end I think most of the fans liked the way Rex handled himself with the media.

Of course when you have a season like 2011, the brashness is not looked at in a different way. Rex admittedly said he lost the pulse of his team. His defense was not walking with a swagger he demands of. His offense was dysfunctional. And his locker room was like a teen age soap opera. Rex went away from what he did the first two seasos as the head coach. I think Rex felt that he had leaders in his locker room and all he had to do was coach. But he was so wrong. The locker room took advantage of Rex not being on top of them. It was almost as if the teacher left the class room and the students started shooting spitballs at each other. I look at what happened last year as a good thing. I think it showed what type of players we had and how they needed to be treated.  Brian Schottenheimer was not cut out for this team, too many different egos.  And honestly I do not think he had the disposotion to compliment Rex’s disposition.   Rex was humbled last season.  Rex will become a better coach, not for the success of the first two seasons, but the failure of last season. He has already stated he will be in more offensive meetings and have more hands on approach with the team.  You can see the change already, it is mid June and Rex has not guaranteed any type of championship for this team.

A new Rex not a different Rex will make this team better.  Rex will still need to be himself, but he needs to do it in a way where he is not neglecting the tean. Rex needs to hold  the reigns of this team and steer the in the right direction.  While doing that he can still speak his mind and be brash.  But it all needs to be backed up.  If it is not then is just talk.