Observations from Jets Minicamp Day Two


Today was the second day of the Jets three day minicamp, the first of two sessions open to the public. As such, I made the trip out to Florham Park, to take a look at what our team looks like at this early date. I got down there pretty early, but for those of you who haven’t been down there before, you can’t see everything from every spot.

However, I could see, and hear quite a bit, so here is some of what I noticed today out at camp:

UP TEMPO EVERYTHINGThe first thing that is obvious is the pace of everything that is going on. The practice is rapid fire. From drill to drill, snap to snap, or even simulated snap to simulated snap, there was no slowing down the pace of the practice, which is great. Didn’t we all think the Jets were a bit of a lethargic team in 2011? Well, if the saying is true that how you perform is how you practice, then lethargy is a thing of the past. The coaches were moving them quickly out of the huddle, getting the team to the line of scrimmage quickly. Keep the defense on their toes. “Rhythm and pace”, was a theme you heard more than once. The kicking team even worked on last second field goals, which obviously have to be performed quickly.

TONY SPARANO IS IN CHARGEThere is a new voice leading this offense from the coordinator position. You can hear it from the moment the offense takes the field. No matter what was happening, you could hear Sparano’s voice above all others, teaching on every play. His most prominent message was to break the huddle quickly, keeping the up-tempo speed he was looking for. If you break the huddle quickly, obviously that gives the defense less time to substitute, which will always be an advantage. He was talking to the QBs about their ball placement, location, trajectory, every little point was scrutinized. He talked to receivers about looking the wrong way, Tebow about getting the ball out faster…etc. Tony he was heard saying the ball was not a “G$% D#@$ dagger”….Clearly Rex’s type of guy. Sparano had no hesitation to tell people they didn’t know what they were doing.

The desired result? A more honed, and disciplined offense, which will make us all happy.

MARK SANCHEZ IS THE QBSorry Tebow fans, but this is the truth, whether you guys like it or not. If you watch this offense on the field, there is one guy that has command of it, Mark Sanchez. One guy is clearly leading this team, Mark Sanchez.

One guy can make all of the throws as well, Mark Sanchez. Watching team drills, the one receiving the praise for his throws was Mark Sanchez. When Tony Sparano commented that the correct amount of air was under a particular throw up the right sidelines, Mark Sanchez was the one making that throw.

Yes, Tim Tebow did have two reps with the first team offense, but don’t find anything significant to this. One of his early throws in team drills, was picked. He also runs around a lot, rather than reading the defense. He takes too long to get the ball out, as Sparano was drilling into his head. I even saw him put a throw at the feet of a guy that was five yards in front of him, and facing him.

He isn’t consistent, and Mark doesn’t have a lot to worry about with this guy.

WATCH OUT NICK FOLKThe incumbent placekicker should not feel completely safe in his position. Josh Brown clearly outkicked him in the portion that was visible from where I was. The Jets did a drill where they had the field goal team run on the field for a last second field goal, alternating it with Nick Folk and Josh Brown.

Josh made all of his kicks that I saw, while Nick missed each one.

Advantage Josh Brown today.

TOUGH DAY FOR KERLEYYoung Jeremy had a tough day at the office today, with a few drops. Hey, it’s early.

Now this young man looked very good today. DaMarcus Ganaway has a chance to make his mark on the depth chart, and the reasons are evident by watching him play. He has a great pair of hands catching the rock, and he is tall (as is Stephen Hill by the way). Watch for Ganaway this summer.

HOLMES AND HILL ON THE FIELDSantonio Holmes and Stephen Hill both work back on the field working out today, which was a good sign. A better one was watching Santonio Holmes coaching up young guys like Damarcus Ganaway. Seems like his attitude may be coming around.

All in all a good day out at Jets minicamp. We will have more for you tomorrow from the final day.