10 Awesomely Awesome Meaningless Meaningful Jets/NFL Thoughts…….


1.)    This Sanchez/Tebow FARCE is turning normally logically thinking and usually smart thinking writers/experts/analysts into bumbling IDIOTS as NFL Network contributor Jeff Darlington proves here with his article on “why he thinks Tebow is ALREADY winning the Jets starting QB job.”Can’t stress enough how much you CANT be taken serious no matter WHO you are, if you HONESTLY believe the Jets  believe THEY are better off with Tebow starting than Mark Sanchez.  The Darlington article utilizes the fact that Tebow “JUMPED” over Quinn and Orton on the depth chart and the rest is history but what Darlington FAILS to mention is after everything Tebow “accomplished” in Denver,  it STILL didn’t sell Elway and Elway NO LONGER wanted ANY parts of a QB who was COMICALLY exploited by Bill Belichick in the playoffs and whose comp% was 34.6% in his FINAL playoff game.  The Jets have $20 million reasons to want Sanchez to succeed and ALL of this EXTREME Tebow flattery filled with ENDLESS superlatives REEKS of elementary and juvenile attempts at MOTIVATING Mark Sanchez and frankly at this point I see NO reason why Mark Sanchez should NOT only feel extremely motivated but SLIGHTLY disrespected as well.  The thought of Tim Tebow becoming the full time starter for whatever reason should REALLY concern Jets fans and THAT’S putting it nicely.

2.)  If Detroit Lions WR Calvin Johnson is knocking out pregame home runs during Tigers batting practice, shouldn’t the Anaheim Angels think about trading Albert Pujols to the Detroit Lions for Calvin Johnson?

Calvin Johnson should consider pulling a Bo Jackson/ Deion Sanders

3.)  Jets DT Kenrick Ellis was sentenced to 179 days in jail, with 89 days suspended, which leaves 90 days.   In Virginia that is cut in half so it is 45 days in total that he’ll have to serve.He starts his sentence on June 15th and he’ll miss 2-3 days of camp.  Ellis I believe is one of the players with the MOST to gain with new D-line coach Karl Dunbar’s presence.  Ellis was immensely raw coming out of Hampton and that showed last season.  Dunbar will be responsible for teaching Ellis effective techniques so he can be utilized within Dunbar’s 46 defense he’s looking forward to utilizing this season.  I’m just glad this is going to be behind him and no longer in front of him as I expect Ellis to surprise a lot of people this season.

4.)  It seems Tim Tebow’s camp is more worried about his “image” than his mechanics.

After taking pictures with the cast of “Rock of Ages”, the pictures found its way to Twitter by way of a cast member at which point, Tebow’s “people”  requested that the picture be taken down prompting one of the cast members to post this;

Well, Due to Tebow’s “image” I was asked to remove the pic of him with us half dressed ladies. He does know we aren’t real strippers right?”

 Translation: “We really love Tebow and are SHOCKED and surprised that he thinks THIS little of us to NOT want to be seen in pictures with us because of his “image” I can understand if we were REAL strippers but we’re NOT.” 

I predict stuff like this will turn people off  and if Tebow was THIS worried about his “image”, he maybe should’ve chosen a MUCH smaller market in  Jacksonville instead of the BIG APPLE ~~~~> #just saying.

5.)  Mark Sanchez should be throwing a PARTY in the inside of his FACE at the thought of what rookie WR Stephen Hill SHOULD bring to the offense.  How’s this for numbers; Sanchez finished the 2011 season with only two completions of 40-plus yards, that was good for dead last among starting quarterbacks. That number is in stark contrast to the 18 40-plus-yard completions during Sanchez’s first two seasons.  Poor offensive game-planning, reluctance on Sanchez’s part to pull the trigger, and WRs not being utilized adequately through the play calling aspect are all legit reasons as to Sanchez’s drop-off in 40+ completions last season but one of the most important is the lack of deep speed at Sanchez’s disposal.  Braylon Edwards, the WR who was at the receiving end of more than a FEW of those 18 40-plus pass plays from 2009-2011, was replaced by Plaxico Burress and THOUGH Burress was an EXCELLENT Red zone WR, he lacked the speed, quickness or burst to run past defenders on deeper routes.  Stephen Hill should add that dynamic to the passing game that Edwards provided and should open things up a bit more for Sanchez.

6.)    Jets signed former Dolphins Safety Yeremiah Bell.  Bell signing probably means Jim Leonhard has seen his last days as a Jet.  It also means the Jets added another strong in the box safety with inadequate cover skills.  It ALSO means the Jets BEST known COVER FS on the roster is probably Eric Smith.  I for ONE however believe that Jets rookie Safeties/CBs  Antonio Allen, Josh Bush and Ryan Steed are ALL in play for a legit shot at getting significant playing time at the FS position.  All 3 are talented and have a lot to prove but I think Jets fans SHOULDN’T be surprised to see these late round picks/UDFAs getting significant playing time with the Jets 1st team defense in camp this summer.

Ryan Steed is a former CB that has SOLID cover skills and is CERTAINLY in play for the FS position with the Jets.

 7.)   OK, will someone PLEASE give Terrell Owens and Donovan McNabb a job?……Preferably on the same team if possible??……Thanks

8.)  Is it me or is Bill Belichick taking a cynical approach for NOT releasing Chad Ocho-5-0 right now so he can get in another team’s camp as oppose to cutting him Week 4?

9.) At the end of the college football season I predicted that former Oklahoma State QB and NOW Cleveland Browns QB Brandon Weeden would be the BEST QB from this draft.  Yes, even better than Luck and RG3 and not only do I stand by that but I seriously can’t be convinced otherwise and to THINK,  I initially MADE this prediction prior to him getting Trent Richardson at his disposal.  Browns have a BRIGHT future ahead of them.

Brandon Weeden will be the BEST QB EVER..........or maybe JUST from this draft.

10.) I’m a HUGE Christopher Nolan fan (if he aint the best movie director doing it right now then WHO is?) but his decision to cast the Pittsburgh Steelers in The Dark Knight Rises as Gotham’s football team instead of the Jets has cut me DEEP……….REAL DEEP.  But  I understand WHY he didn’t choose the Jets seeing as though Mark Sanchez is such an AWFUL QB, he’d have probably stunk up the movie set or something!