Does Tim Tebow Deserve Place in Top 100


Mar 26; Florham Park, NJ, USA; Newly acquired New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow addresses the media at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

A lot of talk came up when the NFL network revealed that Tim Tebow was on the list of Top 100 players in 2012. The debate is on, should he be there? A contributor for Yahoo sports feels he should be, so I am going to give some of the pertinent passages here, and give you my opinion. First, some quotes from her article:

I can tell you I didn’t think we stood a chance in 2011. After starting the season with Kyle Orton and a 1-4 record, the playoffs were nothing but a dream.

Then Tebow stepped in. With comeback wins and improbable victories, Tebow gave hope back to the team and to the fans. He did what no one thought was possible. Yes, he had a lot of help and he was quick to give credit to the team, but he still deserves a lot of credit for what happened. It may not have been pretty, but he made it happen.

This is her argument against the idea that his statistics aren’t good enough.

On his determination:

While everyone thinks football is all about the numbers, it really is much more than that. And I think the NFL players that voted for Tebow know that. While his numbers may not be impressive, he brings inspiration and determination to everything he does. Tebow knows he needs to improve and he works his butt off to do that. Teammates have said he is constantly reviewing tapes, is the first one to arrive at practice and the last to leave. I watched numerous press conferences from Tebow during 2011 and one message that came through clear from him was, “If you believe, anything is possible.”

On his being a role model:

Tebow, however, comes onto the scene as a truly genuine young man who believes that football is nothing more than a way for him to help others. With his foundation, he has done wonders. He takes time out before and after games to spend time with young fans battling medical conditions. His strong religious beliefs and “Tebowing” has made it cool to believe in God. Tebow has done a lot to improve the image of the NFL and I think this is something that other players have realized (if nothing else, Tebow’s media attention tends to draw away from other negative attention).

I respect the opinion given here, but I am afraid I cannot agree.  Her points are all valid, no doubt.  However, the list is not the top 100 people in the NFL, it’s the top 100 PLAYERS in the NFL.

He is a great guy.  I am sure he is great to have around.  He leads an exemplary life, there is also no doubt on that.  If kids asked me who should be a role model, he might be the first I say in the league right now.

But top 100 players should be based on how they play.  Sorry Tebow fans, he’s not there.  He’s not close.