The Evolution of Jets Coach Rex Ryan


Feb 23, 2012; Indianapolis, IN, USA; New York Jets coach Rex Ryan speaks at a press conference during the NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

From the beginning of time, we have learned about the process of evolution. The evolution of man is a popular topic in school science classes. From the early caveman through today, man constantly evolves and changes. From dinosaurs to today’s animals, same thing. If we take a look at coach Rex Ryan, we see a similar evolution going through today.

2009, Rex Ryan arrived in town. Much like the caveman, he would pound his chest and make exclamations. “Me win Super Bowl”. “Me no kiss Belichick rings”. Then, much like any new species that arrives, the other existing living things aren’t sure what to do with this new creature. As such, the Jets made their way to the AFC championship game, and nearly the Super Bowl. Then, the futuristic mammal (Peyton Manning) just saw Rex Ryan as fresh meat, sized him up for a half, and was able to put the new caveman coach in his place.

In 2010, feeding on his previous successes, Rex Ryan made similar boasts. His communication skills evolved, but still made the same predictions. “We win Super Bowl this time”. A showing of improved communication, much as the evolution of man, but with similar results. The Jets got better, went 11-5, but couldn’t pass the evolved species (Tom Brady) to win the division, and then were taken out again by the evolved(Ben Rothlisberger).

2011, fueled by the success of years past, more chest banging. “This is the year we are going to do it.” At one point, coach Ryan was saying this even during the looming lockout, when we didn’t even know who was going to be on the team. Just like in the process of evolution, the species tries to hang on before becoming extinct. Sometimes it fights with other species, before being eventually eliminated for the more advanced.

This is what happened in 2011. The other more advanced figured out how to eliminate the caveman Jets. Rex’s disciples fought amongst themselves, other advanced societies(teams) figured out how to beat the Jets, and they wound up 8-8.

This is when evolution took place, starting right after the season. We heard coach Ryan talk about how he was unaware of some of the things going on around him, at least not to the level he should. Rex is evolving, he becomes a more humble species, talking about how he needs to improve, and his team needs to improve. And now in 2012, no more boasts. No more “Me win Super Bowl” statements. Instead, the more humble coach has evolved, rendering the boasting coach extinct.

Obviously, the statements are exaggerated to be in jest. Never did coach Ryan actually make statements as if he was a caveman. He spoke correctly, not like they did in the stone ages as language developed. That was a joke to make a point.

The point is, that Rex is changing. After seeing what happened in the locker room last year, it has finally gotten through to coach that is boasting was not working. He felt that it was putting the pressure on him, when in fact, it was putting an added target on his team.

So he learned. No boasts about winning Super Bowls in 2012. Humble. Rex has learned, he has evolved. It’s good to see, and it should make a difference to the Jets in 2012.