Jets Linebacker Bart Scott Now “Can’t Wait” to Come Back


Dec 18, 2011; Philadelphia, PA, USA; New York Jets inside linebacker Bart Scott (57) on the bench against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: William Perlman/The Star-Ledger via US PRESSWIRE

The season ended very differently for Jets linebacker Bart Scott. The last time we saw him, it was the day after the Jets season had ended, and Bart was photographed flipping off a cameraman as he left the training facility. Since then, the Jets had given him permission to go out and seek a trade. Now, the “can’t wait” man is singing a different tune, now excited about coming back.

“Of course I’m excited,” he told Bruce Beck of 4 NBC New York at an event in Manhattan. “I came here (in 2009) and I bought the lakefront property. I was all in. I’m still all in.”

Bart went on to talk about that he was frustrated, being relegated to a reduced role in 2011. He went on to talk about that he and coach Rex Ryan had a good talk and he is comfortable with his role on the team, and looking forward to a bounce back season as a team and an organization.

Coach Ryan spoke at the NFL meetings, and also suggested that he expects Bart Scott back as well. He mentioned that Scott has dropped some weight as well, which will aid in him returning to playing every down again.

He also said the locker room wasn’t that fractured, and that outsiders really don’t know what goes on.

“I know it’s going to work, I’m 100 percent confident,” he said. “All the experts, they don’t understand. They assume what our locker room was like, but they don’t know. It’s the same locker room that had success the year before and the year before.”

First of all, it’s pretty obvious that he is sugar coating the locker room situation. We heard all of the griping last season, it was played out in the media. We saw the situation on the field in week 17. The fact that the locker room is having problems is not in dispute, nice try Bart.

Secondly, it’s nice that Bart Scott is getting back into shape, and looking forward to a better year for the team. He is a team guy and that is great. But you know what I “can’t wait” for? Bart to start making tackles. What didn’t you hear very often during games last year? “Bart Scott makes the tackle.” Bart, make plays, and you will be on the field more. How’s that for an idea?