Pass Rusher in the Third Round? Jets Draft Spotlight Jonathan Massaquoi


Possible draft pick of the New York Jets? I think so. Mandatory Credit: Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

April is approaching, and with that is the NFL draft. The Jets have worked on filling some holes this off season, although apparently they have felt that the biggest hole was to bring in the most popular backup QB in the universe, but we have talked about that to death. The Jets biggest need is for an edge pass rusher. They have said it, the coach has said it, they know it. They were led in sacks in 2011 by a part time player (Aaron Maybin). This has to change. As any long time Jets fans knows, the Jets have had their share of calamaties on draft day (Blair Thomas, Jeff Lageman, Kyle Brady, and many others). One little known guy that should be available to the Jets in the third round, and would be a good value, is DE Jonathan Massaquoi of Troy University.

A little background on this guy first. He weighs in at 6’2″ 264 lbs. He spent time at Butler Country Community College before going to Troy following the 2008 season. He was redshirted in 2009, and his 2 year career with Troy ended with Massaquoi amassing 128 tackles, 31 for a loss, and 19.5 sacks. In 2010, Jonathan was first team All-Sunbelt with 7 games where he amassed multiple tackles for a loss, 20.5 overall, as well as 13.5 sacks. His 2010 success turned into additional blocking attention in 2011, where he again earned first team All-SBC with 52 tackles and 6 sacks. He’s forgone his senior season to enter the NFL draft.

He is projected out as an OLB in the 3-4 scheme, which plays right into Rex Ryan’s hands as this is the defense the Jets run.

You can take a look at a full scouting report at

Pros: He is an agressive, attacking pass rusher that can get in the backfield many different ways. Massaquoi possesses an explosive burst and a suddenness that is rare. He as put on 50 pounds since high school and has a thick filled out frame. He has good awareness against the run, and has long arms, great for tackling with. And his speed, you will see in the upcoming videos the pursuit speed that he has! As fast as I have seen.

Cons: They say he is a bit stiff, and gets lazy with his body positioning, allowing himself to get tangled up with blockers. (This likely is avoidable by keeping him strictly on the outside) Massaquoi also plays a little “reckless” at times, and needs to concentrate better on his assignments. He’s sometimes overanxious and is questionable with his reading of the plays unfolding in front of him. He might, at this point, be a better “athlete” than a “football player”.

Take a look at the following videos and you be the judge:

He’s unpolished, no doubt. Is out of position sometimes, either due to technique, or a lot of blocking attention. But did you see his closing speed? Amazing. And he doesn’t miss when he tackles, like David Harris. He can be taught technique, but this guy, to me, is so fast, that the Jets shouldn’t pass him up, especially with a 3rd round pick.

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