Gary Myers : Say No to Tebow, the Jet Press Disagrees


Tebowmania to Gotham? Myers says no. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

The Jets now are heavy players in the race to trade for Tim Tebow, and a trade could come as early as today. Gary Myers of the Daily News thinks it’s a bad idea. I will give you some of his quotes as to why, and give you my opinion on the other side.

“Bringing in Tebow would be a disaster for the Jets and specifically, Mark Sanchez. There is no reason to bring another circus to town when the Jets have a locker room full of sideshows.”

“Sanchez needs some tough love from Ryan and needs to be to be pushed by a real NFL quarterback, but Tebow is a novelty act with limited quarterback skills.”

“Sanchez has a reputation for being immature and has to work hard to win back the fractured locker room. That would be much harder with a polarizing figure such as Tebow looming over his shoulder.”

“Anyone but Tebow.”

He goes on to talk about Tebow’s completion percentage, saying that comparing Tebow to Sanchez makes Sanchez “look like Joe Montana”

I have to respectfully disagree with Mr. Myers’ theory. With one caveat, if Mark Sanchez is OK with the move. Myers’ best point is regarding Sanchez’s maturity. He says all the right things, but you have to wonder if Sanchez would be looking over his shoulder. Before doing anything today, I would give deference to the incumbent quarterback by bringing him to the office, and asking him seriously if he could handle it, and give him the honest opportunity to say no.

If Sanchez does say no, then give him the respect and do not make the move. He needs the respect and that confidence. However, if he is OK with the idea, there is no reason to stay away.

His personality can be just the cure that the locker room needs. Like his technique at QB or hate it, his spirit may be just what the doctor ordered. He can also run the wildcat, which was brought to the sport by Tony Sparano.

As far as his technique, he can be taught. He is not and old guy, and is very willing to learn. What you cannot teach, are the intangibles. Tebow showed last year that he knows how to do one thing, win. You can’t teach that. If Mark can handle it, Tebow can help the Jets win now.

Do you agree? Feel free to leave comments and debate….