Jets vs. Redskins; Interview with the Redskins


Special thanks to Kevin Mawyer II over at Riggo’s Rag, the fansided website for the Washington Redskins, who sat with the Jet Press to answer the following questions in anticipation of Sunday’s New York Jets vs. Redskins game.

JETPRESS:  Thoughts on the Redskins season so far? It looks like it has been an up and down year. RIGGO: The Redskins season is one that could have been much better, but given the expectations, is about where we thought it would be. The general consensus is that Grossman shouldn’t have been benched and the benching of Grossman for Beck could have cost us our season.

Will it be "Good Rex" or "Bad Rex" this Sunday?(Mike Nelson- US Presswire)

On the other hand, the fact that we would have to rely on Rex to lead us to the promise land says a lot about this 2011 team. We’ve gotten significantly younger and our free agency moves are getting better. Most people still think this team is a season or two (or maybe a franchise QB) away from competing. The bright spot this year has definitely been our defense. Our front seven is much improved and if we could find a corner that could cover a safety or two that could stay healthy we’d be a top 5 unit.


JETPRESS:  What has surprised you the most on offense?  What about defense?

. RIGGO:  Roy Helu has been a bit of a surprise, but not for reasons you would think. Shanahan has done everything to not give this guy a chance. He’s tried Hightower, went down with an ACL. He tried Torain, ineffective after his Rams game. Choice? That was a joke or some way of getting Cowboys intel. He finally gives the kid a chance and he only breaks a franchise record with John Beck at QB. Then he comes out against Seattle and jumps, literally, over Seattle’s defense.

Redskins Roy Helu leaps over the Seahawks. (Getty Images)

I’m excited to see him carry the ball on a regular basis. I think he fits the mold of a LeSean McCoy.

On defense the surprise has to be Ryan Kerrigan, our number one pick. I don’t think anybody could have seen this great of a season coming. He’s got 6 1/2 sacks and an interception with five games left to play. His skill, combined with Orakpo on the other end, has most fans thinking they’ve got a solid D-Line for years to come. . JETPRESS:  Can Roy Helu be a Number 1 running back? . RIGGO:  I hope so. The problem with Redskins running backs (and all NFL backs for that matter) is injuries. If Helu can stay healthy he can certainly be a number one. He does need to improve his pass protection, but that will come with more time in the league. He has the raw talent and I think he’ll only get better with time. (Click the Next Page to see a final score prediction)

. JETPRESS:  Will Rex Grossman be the Redskins starting QB in 2012? . RIGGO:  Grossman will most likely not be the starting QB in 2012, but I won’t completely rule it out. Shanahan is going to play the guy that gives them the best chance. More than likely though, I believe the Skins go for a QB high in the draft (Jones, Barkley, RG3) and if they can’t get high enough, they trade down, collect picks and go after another established (but still relatively young) QB in a trade.  Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen put together an impressive draft last year.  Shanahan knows that he has to get a new QB because another up and down year with “Interceptasaurus Rex” will end with him home in Denver around October. . JETPRESS:  You may remember Rex Ryan calling out DeAngelo Hall during training camp a few years ago. (Ryan yelled to Hall during a pre-season game: “Hey, you ain’t gonna tackle nobody. What are you taking about? That’s why my brother got rid of your ass.”)  Will Hall get revenge this week on the Jets? . RIGGO:  Rex Ryan was exactly right. Hall will talk his talk and sometimes walk the walk.  If DeAngelo Hall could stay disciplined in his coverage and actually worry about the receiver more than the ball, he’d probably be in the upper echelon of corners.  His style is more of an “all or nothing”, he will either get an interception like he did against Seattle to seal a victory or he’ll struggle in coverage, twice, against Dez Bryant to give up a game winning field goal.

DeAngelo Hall gets burned against the Cowboys (Getty Images)

In short, I think he may get his way on a few plays, but he’s going to have a tough time on Holmes.

. JETPRESS:  What do the Redskins fear about the Jets game, if anything? . RIGGO:  Redskins have to fear the mentality of the Jets. From our perspective, you guys want to grind it out and play solid defense. You guys also have the potential to score when Sanchez changes his diaper during the game. Your defense is still very good and I think Shanahan is going to have to limit Grossman’s throws because New York’s secondary will be salivating at the idea of playing against Mr. Interception himself. . JETPRESS:  Prediction for Sunday? . RIGGO:  Grossman has had a pretty good two game stretch and is due for a three interception, two fumble performance. I think we get “Bad Rex” this week but the defense keeps it close. 20-16 Jets.