Mid Year Jets Report Card


Well, not quite mid-year, as the team has only played seven games.  But, the week off is a natural time to take a look at where the team has been, and where they need to go.  So here are some mid-year grades for the New York Jets:

Quarterback: B-

Although Mark Sanchez has not met his goal of a 60% completion percentageyet, he has not been bad.  129-231 1,545 yards, 12 TD 6 INTs and an 83.0 passerrating is not bad.  He has made some bad decisions in the first half of theyear, but not all his fault.  His offensive line has not been great so far, soMark has been under duress a lot.  He has been sacked 16 times so far, whichadds to happy feet in the pocket.  The inaccuracy, the untimely interceptions,and still all too frequent bad decision making keeps the grade down.

Running Backs: C

The running game, although improving, has been a disappointment.  LaDainianTomlinson is there, but he is no longer an every down back.  He has taken to his3rd down role, and taken to it well.  But it is still limiting.  Shonn Greene,primed for a breakout season in 2011, has been anything but.  An average of 3.8yards per carry is not going to cut it.  He is showing signs of life, with hisfirst 100 yard game of the year against the Chargers.  The offensive line hasn’tbeen much help, and the running game is going to have to get better for the Jetsto make a run in the second half.

Receivers and Tight Ends: C+

The corp has shown signs of brilliance, but not enough to take the gradeabove a C+.  Until this week, Plaxico Burress has been a disappointment, clearlynot on the same page as Mark Sanchez.  3 TDs this week is a start, but I need tosee more.  They traded their 3rd receiver, Derrick Mason, and Jeremy Kerley hasdone some nice things.  Santonio Holmes has been off as well, some moments, butoff the page with his quarterback as well.  Dustin Keller leads the team with 25receptions for 372 yards, and become a nice security blanket for Mark Sanchez.But overall, as a group, they have been average, and they need to getbetter.

Offensive Line: C

The return of Nick Mangold brought this grade up from being lower.  It’s atale of two grades, D- without Nick Mangold, B with Nick Mangold.  Theprotection of Sanchez has improved, and the running game is improving eachweek.  The progression is there, keep Nick Mangold and the rest of the grouphealthy, and this grade will improve in the second half.

Defensive Line: D+

Have to give the defensive line a bad grade here, because the run defensehas been awful, and it starts up front.  Even in the wins, teams are havingsuccess running on the Jets.  Sione Pouha and Mike Devito have not been thefactors that they need to be yet.  With 21 and 19 tackles respectively, theyneed to step up.  If the Jets don’t stop the run, they won’t go anywhere.

Linebackers: C+

Key with this group has been inconsistency.  The run defense being as badas it has been, keeps the grade below a B.  The pass rush is improving, with thesurge of Aaron “Mayhem” Maybin, and his three sacks.  Bart Scott, David Harris,and Calvin Pace have 7.5 sacks between them, so the pass rush is coming along.Jamaal Westerman and his 2.5 sacks have been a nice surprise as well.  But withthe rush defense being so bad, we have to keep it at a C+.

Defensive Backs: A

Revis Island, enough said?  Revis and Antonio Cromartie have 7 INTs betweenthem.  Safety Eric Smith has led the team with 44 tackles, although that’s not agood sign for the rush defense.  Have to give the defensive backfield credit forthe job they have done.

Special Teams: A-

With Mike Westhoff as your coach, you are set up to peform well.  As a NickFolk hater, I have to give him credit for not missing a kick yet.  Joe McKnighthas been all-world as a kickoff returner, have to give him a lot of credit aswell.  Average punting from TJ Conley keeps the grade from being a full fledgedA

Coaching: B-

The coaching has been inconsistent, but brought up to a B by the great jobout of Mike Westhoff.  It comes down from an A because the team hasn’t beenconsistent yet, and some of that has to fall on the coaching staff.  BrianSchottenheimer’s play calling has been inconsistent, and the defense’s up anddown play has to come back on Rex a little bit.