Team by Team Grades in the 2011 NFL Draft

By Marc A. Greenberg

Without further ado, here are complete grades for all 32 picks in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft.


No. 1: Panthers: Cam Newton, QB, Auburn – GRADE: B-

JaMarcus Russell or Peyton Manning, Panthers fans.  That’s the disparity we are looking at here.  This could define the Panthers for the next 5-10 years as a contender or an epic fail.

No. 2: Broncos: Von Miller, OLB, Texas A&M – GRADE: B

Emotional quick linebacker who will cause havoc for QBs.

No. 3: Bills: Marcell Dareus, DT, Alabama – GRADE B+

No choice other than this big DT. Being 32nd against the run last year will do that.

No. 4: Bengals: A.J. Green, WR, Georgia – GRADE: B-

Pros: Big time receiver.  Cons: Diva in training gets to play with Ochocinco.

No. 5: Cardinals: Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU – GRADE: A

Big, smooth CB who can play the position.  Peterson Island anyone?

 No. 6: Falcons: Julio Jones, WR, Alabama – GRADE: B

Falcons make a huge splash trading down with Cleveland. Jones is a B; the overall trade is more of a C-

 No. 7: 49ers: Aldon Smith, DE, Missouri – GRADE: C-

With needs at QB and CB, odd pick by the Niners.

No. 8: Titans: Jake Locker, QB, Washington – GRADE: B-

Some rate Locker as a franchise QB, others… not so much.

No. 9: Cowboys: Tyron Smith, OT, USC – GRADE: B+

Good offensive lineman for the Cowboys.  This is a keeper.

No. 10: Jaguars: Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri – GRADE: B

Jacksonville meet your Franchise QB… hopefully.

No. 11: Texans: J.J. Watt, DE, Wisconsin – GRADE: B

Big DE who everyone compares to Aaron Smith in Pittsburgh. Houston will gladly sign up for that.

No. 12: Vikings: Christian Ponder, QB, Florida State – GRADE: A-

Would you take a healthy Chad Pennington in his prime to be your QB?  I would too. Good pick by the Vikings.

No. 13: Lions: Nick Fairley, DT, Auburn – GRADE: A

Big man in the middle for Detroit. Will destroy offensive schemes.  Are we talking about Suh or Fairley?  Lions stole this pick.

 No. 14: Rams: Robert Quinn, DE, North Carolina – GRADE: B+

Solid pass rusher.  Quinn can make a difference quickly and that’s what the NFL is all about these days.

No. 15: Dolphins: Mike Pouncey, OG, Florida – GRADE: B-

Dolphins need someone in the middle to help.  He’s not his brother, Miami, so be patient.

 No. 16: Redskins: Ryan Kerrigan, DE, Purdue – GRADE: B

Strong attacking DE.

No. 17: Patriots: Nate Solder, OT, Colorado – GRADE: B

A big offensive lineman to help against Rex Ryan’s blitzes?

No. 18: Chargers: Corey Liuget, DT, Illinois – GRADE: B

Big boy will help in the 3-4.

No. 19: Giants: Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska – GRADE: B+

This electric CB must reside somewhere in NY that is fit for a Prince…. Queens!!

No. 20: Buccaneers: Adrian Clayborn, DE, Iowa – GRADE: B

Good pass rusher on the end.  Solid pick.

No. 21: Browns: Phil Taylor, DT, Baylor – GRADE: B+

Rex Ryan may have broken something when this pick was made.  Think healthy Kris Jenkins with Taylor

No. 22: Colts: Anthony Castonzo, OT, Boston College – GRADE: B

Mr. Castonzo; Peyton Manning would like to welcome you to Indy.

 No. 23: Eagles: Danny Watkins, OG, Baylor – GRADE: B+

Lunchpail kid who will work his butt off on every play.  Perfect for the Philly faithful.

No. 24: Saints: Cameron Jordan, DE, California – GRADE: B

Saints had a need. Jordan filled it.

 No. 25: Seahawks: James Carpenter, OT, Alabama – GRADE: C

Odd pick by the Hawks here. A lot of talent was still on the board.  Smells like a reach.

No. 26: Chiefs: Jon Baldwin, WR, Pittsburgh – GRADE: C

The word “attitude” followed Baldwin around.  Doesn’t sound like a Pioli guy.

No. 27: Ravens: Jimmy Smith, CB, Colorado – GRADE: C

Let’s be nice and insert that word “attitude” for Smith.  Drug possession, couple of arrests…. Uh-oh.

No. 28: Saints: Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama – GRADE: C+

Saints gave up a 2012 first rounder to get Ingram so they better hope the Heisman winner can move the chains.

No. 29: Bears: Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin – GRADE: A

Mike Tice pick here. Carimi fills a huge need for Wisconsin.

No. 30: Jets: Muhammad Wilkerson, OT, Temple – GRADE: B

If a man wants to be called Mu-hammad….  Jets needed a pass rusher and Wilkerson can be a nice replacement for Ellis.

No. 31: Steelers: Cameron Heyward, DE, Ohio State – GRADE: B+

With free agency looming for DE Cullen Jenkins, Heyward will join a strong defense and contribute immediately.

No. 32: Packers: Derek Sherrod, OT, Mississippi State – GRADE: B+

Another OT you don’t have to worry about for oh…a decade or so.