Jets defeat Steelers


Call it a season changer, call it an emotional win; whatever you want to call it, the New York Jets 22-17 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers was a big win yesterday in Heinz Field.

In these type of games (on the road, snow, facing a top 5 defense), you take what you can get.  If that means the only offensive TD being a QB 7-yard bootleg run, then so be it.  By the way, that was some play call by Jets Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, to break the streak of 11 straight quarters without an offensive TD.

The Jets went back to basics here, sort of.  Facing a defense that was allowing an average of 60 yards per game on the ground, the Jets put up 107 yards, averaging 6.0 yards per rush.   With a great mix of play-action calls, the Jets kept the Steelers guessing all day.

Despite the pedestrian numbers: 19-29 for 170 yards and zero INTs, Jets QB Mark Sanchez had a great game, with a mixture of short passes, play actions, and a beautiful long pass to Braylon Edwards who, by the way, was sucking in everything last night on his way to an 8 catch, 100 yard game.

Santonio Holmes, in his return to Pittsburgh, caught six of nine balls thrown his way and gained 40 yards.

On the Jets Defensive side, Ben Roethlisberger was able to attack Drew Coleman often, but was unable to finish the job when it matters most.  The Jets also gave up a 100 yard rushing game; a rarity during Rex Ryan’s regime.  Coleman got his revenge with 2 sacks and 2 forced fumbles on Big Ben.

Jason Taylor delivered one of the plays of the year with a Safety on RB Mewelde Moore for a 3-yard loss with 2:38 left in the fourth quarter. That made it a five-point game, and forced the Steelers to get a TD rather than FG on the game’s final drive.

And score a TD they almost did.  In classic Jets fashion, the Steelers started with the ball at their 8 with 2:08 remaining, and proceeded to go up the field.

Facing a three-man rush (looked like the Prevent), Roethlisberger made an 18-yard completion to Mike Wallace to the Jets’ 26. Following a spike, Big Ben overthrew Emmanuel Sanders in the endzone, who appeared to beat S Dwight Lowery.  A replay would show that Lowery grabbed Sanders’ shirt. No flag.

Roethlisberger then hit Antonio Brown for 16 yards, putting the ball on the Jets’ 10. Another spike gave the Steelers nine seconds to play.

Following an incompletion, on the games last play, Roethlisberger’s attempt to Spaeth in the end zone, was broken up by CB Marquice Cole.